maanantai 21. marraskuuta 2011

About my giveaway

Small change that's all. I'll give more time to my giveaway because I will be very busy with my life and it is x-mas time buy money :'D

I'll declare the winner some time after x-mas so think of my giveaway as a x-mas present from me to one of my readers!!!

if you havent still taken part of my giveaway enter right here!

I have nothing else this time, sorry. I'll write my actual entry tommorrow or Wednesday!

keskiviikko 16. marraskuuta 2011


I found my family photo albums and decided to skan some of my childhood pictures. Almost all of those pictures were me eating or jumping half naked haha. I will try to explain a little bit about these pictures you are about to see.

Okay in this one I'm one year old I guess and if I remember right this was my first time to eat icecream all by myself. As you can see it didn't go so well haha.

Here I'm umm 2 y.o and my mom tryed to take some really cute picture of me wearing this prairie styled dress which my auntie made for me. Mom told me that she tryed to make me stay still and to be cute, but someone took my attention and only picture she was able to get was this haha.

I think I'm 4 y.o on this one. I still do remember some things from this day, this was first time I got to use the camera. Only thing is that I don't remeber this picture at all. I think it was my big sisters idea to dress me like this ahah. I really love this picture and will always love!

This is from same day as the previous one . . and I don't have an idea what the hell I am doing haha

I think I'm 5 y.o and all I can say is that I freaking loved Biker Mice from Mars haha I had all those action figures, bikes I had them all hahah, but I lost them all. I remember that we had a renovation at our home. We had these huge holes in the ground. I still think someone buried my Bicer Mice toys or stole them. ( ̄へ ̄)

Yeah me eating like I said. I don't know whose idea was to take pictures of me eating. Perhaps is was my second big sis dunno.

Do you have some weird (and not weird) childhood pics?

Hey btw anonyms do you believe me now that I've always had those cheeks ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

tiistai 15. marraskuuta 2011

+ one more item on my giveaway

Okay everyone I've added new item on my giveaway!!
Do not enter in the giveaway on this entry. Your entry wont be approved if you do so!

If you have allready left your entry, don't leave it again!


24 eyeshadow color palette

Isn't it beautiful ;__; ♥

As you can see those colors are metallic and item is brand new!

keskiviikko 9. marraskuuta 2011

Hair Extensions in Review

Okay so I odered Hair Extensions from eBay (yeah lol eBay, but they seemed good quality and the seller had good feedback) and I woke up 7.30 AM today because that damn post man/woman who ringed our door bell like it's the end of the world and just when I got to the door he/she droped my package from our letter drop and left  : I

I was so happy and cheerfull when I noticed it's my hair, my face was literally 8D  but when I opened the package and took my hair extensions out my face went :C And now I'm more between : I and :''<

These were supposed to be 7pcs 60g each but it feels nothing like 120g total. I've seen 120g hair looking thicker than these. These are not thick like it said in description. Also it said "our products enjoy popularity in the worl market for it superior QUALITY and reasonable price". Don't know about the superior quality because to me these aren't even good quality. The hair is not thick, it's dry and rough. It's in worse shape than my own hair wich I have just dyed blond one more time.

I almost had to pay TWO shipping fees for these so first I paid 90$ (68€) of these, but then I got my 20$ (14€) back and only paid 70$ (54€) and I still think I paid too much for these. I'm very pleased because of the seller. He was really nice and replayed fast to me. Points to him!

Yeah I think in pics these extensions look good, but I'm afraid that when I go out my own hair is going to come trough these extensions.

Description said nothing about "there might be thicknes differences between your product and the picture" so I thought I'm going to get what was in the picture. . . what I got is just meh.

So I went and weight these using kitchen steelyard so these weight 80g total...where is my 40g ?

Don't know if you can see how "thick" my extensions are nad how high quality.

Dunno why but I love my face in this. I look so : I But yeah that is the total thicknes of my hair.

♥♥♥♥♥ seller
♥♥♥♥♥ color
♥♥ thicknes

Yeah I'll go eat something it's 10:30 AM :'D Thank you for listening my morning rage!

maanantai 7. marraskuuta 2011

100+ followers giveaway CLOSED!

I have now reached over 100 followers via Blogger YEY! To celebrate that and to compliment my followers, I'm hosting a small giveaway!  Woohoo for free stuff! This giveaway is generously sponsored by me haha! This giveaway is open internationally!!

10 pairs of fake eyelashes
Cute makeup pouch
2 in 1makeup pencil
Nail Care Set
3 Makeup Brushes
Self-made Cross Necklace
Hair Velcro
24 eyeshadow color palette (not in these pictures)


10 pairs of fake eyelashes
8 pairs of upper lashes and 2 pairs of lower lashes.

2 in 1 makeup pencil
includes Crystal Bright Lipstick
and Eye Shadow Pencil

includes blush in natural pink and brush

3 Brushes
includes 2 eyeshadow blushes and one pigger brush

Nail Care Set
includes all the stuff in that pic haha

Makeup Pouch
includes two different size of pockets

Hair Velcro
includes 2 hair velcro in light blue

Self-made Cross Necklace
includes the cross and the chain!!

Details here!

You must be a public follower of my blog to attempt this giveaway!! (anonyms are no no)
You must share this giveaway in your blog! I wont get free-riders a chance sorry!!
  Leave a comment with your name, e-mail and your blogger entry included!!
You can enter this giveaway by commenting to this post until the 27th of December

The winner has 3 days to answer my email after 3 days I will pic another winner by using random number generator.

Want to increase your chances of winning?
+1 if you post this giveaway on your sidebar
+1 if you share this post on your Twitter account and mention me on your tweet
+1 if you share this on tumblr.

You have to link these extra entries to me in your first entry. It eases my way to count all your entries at ones!!