lauantai 28. tammikuuta 2012


Yesterday was payday so I decided to go shopping. I didn't even buy clothes because I found nothing for me.
 I still had fun with my friends Sanna and Miska.

My style from yesterday.
Sorry I don't have whole body picture of me.

Blonde wig with two stripes - eBay
Black Cross necklase - eBay
White Cross necklase - Seppälä
Cry emo cry shirt -Garlings
Jeans - Seppälä
Black knitting  - Gina Tricot

I bet you get the picture

So because we didn't really go buy anything we went to this café house called Chill Out and I bought a lemon iced tea. I love iced tea especially lemon one. We stayed in that café house for 3 hours or more. Okay we went to eat too but went back there again.

That entire time what we spend there we played Fluxx.  Fluxx is a really good card game and we got addicted into it. You never know if you will win or lose and when you think you are winning, then some new rule comes up and you wont win. Hard to explain but if you want to have some good time with friends while playing, this game is made for that.

Miska dealing our cards

Sanna ♥ Her face were all white and shiny in every freaking picture I took.
This was the best one of them :'D

 We got so many new goals and rules during the game that we almost forgot and did forgot some of them.

derp, my digicam is really shitty if you are taking pictures in dark place : /

Well I bought something yesterday. Two new nailpolish.
Matte black and some metallic blue from seppälä.

+ new nailglue

and I forgot to buy contact lense solution and red nailpolish : /

I really like both of them ♥

I decorated my led light mirror. It is not complited but I'll show it anyway.

Because I'm lazy to take pictures out of my phone I haven't writed about last Saturday. Me,
Miska and Sanna made some tortillas and they were so freaking good ♥ I'm hungry now : /

We played Soul Calibur IV and Amnesia while eating.

BJD stuff
More lense reviews
Hair tuto
Makeup tuto

PS check out this giveaway

perjantai 20. tammikuuta 2012

Lazy blogger

Hello everyone!

I'm so sorry that I'm really lazy/not in the mood blogger so that's why I make only a one entry in a week/two and I feel shame because of that. I have stuff to write but I'm really ot in the mood of writing my blog.

I've been thinking of making a vlog and I will do it if you want me to do. So thell me if you would like to see me talking about stuff? Leave any questions, ideas anything!( but I will choose the ones I like so sorry anonyms if you are going to ask me something idiot or shitty just leave it be I won't publish it)

Today I'm going to go at Miska because we finally understood that we have so much fun together so why not hang out more often! I can beat his ass at Soul Calibur again! I also think that I had a sleeping migraine again and if you are like "whaat is thaat" it means I have migraine while I sleep and everytime I wake up into it it's gone. : /

Yeah about monday! I almost forgot about that day! It was my birthday and now I'm 21 y.o so on monday my friend Miska called me and told me to come at his place. That damn idiot bought me a cake...A CAKE and made some feta chicken salad it was DELICIOUS!

The "awesome" but very lovely food table.
Chips (wich Joonas and Heidi ate all), cola, cake, candy and sallad. Ofcourse I ate that salad like hell it was so good ! I couldn't expect more because hey Miska paid for all this.

Miska! He is going to hate me because the photo isn't so good, but damn they all moved around all the time. Joonas hid his face in every picture and Heidi was in some random poses.

And me from that day.
I really was going to put more girly style on but then I got chicken and looked like this : /

Anyway I had so much fun even after Heidi and Joonas went home.

That's about it all right now.
So leave any questions about that vlog thingy and I'll try to write more often!!

torstai 12. tammikuuta 2012

Lense review - PinkyParadise

About a week ago I odered Fairy Water Violet circle lenses from PinkyParadise and amazingly they arrived today! Really fast shipping! I'm amazed and happy, because I've wanted these lenses for so long.

Lets start with the color. The pigment is really good because it doesn't matter if you have brown eyes (I have light green/bluish eyes) or not these lenses looks different and abnormal but in too dark light you can't really see if these lenses are violet or just dark. In flashligh or in natural light you can actually see that  these are violet.

Comfort is also really good, you cant really feel these in your eyes, only thing wich was hard was to know when these arethe wrong way up, the color is so samelike each side!
See the differense between normal light and flashligh
Enlargement: ★★★★★
Design/Color: ★★★
Comfort: ★★★★★
I'm just gratefull to PinkyParadise the have really good custom servise and they are fast with the shipping!

 I also got my new creme blode wig! I love it and I think blode suits me much much better than any other color!

Even tho these lenses don't look so as violet as in theis site these still look really pretty and abnormal!

sunnuntai 1. tammikuuta 2012

First blog entry of the year!

 Yessterday was a new year's eve in Finalnd and basically I sat home, watching movies and drinking with a friend. I was too lazy and sick to even dress up nicely. I don't have any pictures of me and Minna 'cause we didn't do anything special. tho we laughed our ass off  because I can't keep my mouth shut when watching movies.

We watched Kick Ass and Harry Potter The Deathly Hollows part 2

My friend saw those movies first time and when watching Harry Potter, I couldn't keep quiet in this part where Potter's father smiles even tho he is a ghosts. Me + melodramatic scene = "Nice Sidebars Herman!" = my friend falling from a chair and rolling on the floor laughing.

So never watch movies with me :3

Rave party kitten ♥

If you look close enough you can see black cat on the background that is Oliver and the rave cat is Peto. They enjoyed watching fireworks from window.

PS: our Peto is a alcoholic

Did you make any New Year's resolution ?

- mine is to have better life for myself and to others


So I were supposed to make blog entry and new blog headder after Christmas eve but then I got sick and I've been feeling ill since then : D

I went to eat dinner to my friends home because my mom werent home. She was having dinner in my brothers girlfriends dads home : D Because that dad had first xmas free from work in 30 years and he and he's wife wanted to meet my mom.

So I took that opportunity and took some photos in out living room !

Here are a couple photos from xmas

Yes I look so different in this one but this is my boyish style, wich I love so much.
I have missed styling my hair. I wanted my my hair to get better from all the dyeing so I banned hairspray from me for couple months. Now my own hair is smooth enough to be killed again : D This were supposed to be in my banner beside my girly style, but I'll take new ones, because I was so laggy.

Christmas eve's makeup. My usual girly makeup, I still need to improve it.

And my outfit from that day. I took some old tank top and put it on top of my dress. Then added my rock styled belt and my old pantyhose.

I don't usually like wearing sleeveless tops because (I hate wearing sleeveless tops) of my arms but I wanted to try to make myself feel better in those. As the whole idea of trying girly style is to make myself feel better in looking girl.

 Some sweet cherry, it was delicious ♥

Christmas Gifts

- Concealer
- Lumene  Wild Rose lipstick
- Lumene instant lift makeup
- Vichy hand lotion
- Vichy pody wash
- Eyeshadow, lip gloss, blusher set

- Makeup ppuch
- Ear muffs
- Dry shamppoo
- Table mirror

New OBH nordicas hair straightner from my sis ♥


And here is the winner of my giveaway


Gongrats for winning, I've sended email to the winner.

Thank you all for taking part of my giveaway. I really appreciate all of my readers and thank you for reading my blog! Thank you thank you thank you!

I might realise another winner after if I get some products because I don't want to let only one person to win ! If I coul I would want to send you all something, but it would be too expensive : /

And if I can't get some products for the winner no. 2 anyway I'm going to hold another giveaway soon and then I'll make 2-3 winners so stay tuned!