sunnuntai 18. elokuuta 2013

the end of summer ~ new start in school

So summer vacation has ended and now I am senior in my school yey. At the very first day of school I over slept.....fuck. Anyway the next day was awesome! My new classmates are neat and we only have 11 students at our class so it's going to be alot more easier to me. I have noticed that I don't like to be in big classes because I get really anguished. Our classes in school are so freaking small and last year in my class was 23~24 students : D

I have so much to tell you even tho July was so freaking boring to me. Well I went jogging and stayed at home. Also I was babysitting Milla's sisters kids alot. She has new baby and I am her babysitter. She is so cute ! I'm going to be her godmother ;_; ♥!

Little fingers!

On the fist of August was mine and Milla's second anniversary also we have been engaged for 5 months. I never thought I would be hapily together with someone this long and me and Milla started as really good friends for couple/three? years. So happy ♥

Also last month we got our fourth cat. Yes we are crazy cat ladies -.-! Ykä is going to be our last cat and we have room for them :3 Ykä is actually Milla's cat.

He is 8 weeks old in this picture but now he is almost 11 weeks old and he is growing so fast!

On 4th of August our dear friend Myrsky came to Vaasa! She is always so sweet !! She was in Japan for 3 weeks and bought us some souvenirs. I got 3 kinds of chopsticks because I lost my older ones somewhere. Also I got and egg magazine and men's spider ;_; Best was this mouse pad I got :'''D I laughed my ass off because of it but oh well it supports my wrist. Also we got these cute stickers but forgot to put them in to the picture :3 Milla got some cosplay mags as a birthday gift ^^ Thank you Myrsky! ♥

Lol at moobs

Myrsky & Me

Milla had her birthday at 6th of August and Myrsky (awwe ;__; ) took us to eat out. We went to Thom Yum Thai restaurant and shit that food was delicious!!! ;_; ♥ Custom service was out of this worl! They were so nice at there, gave us free cookies because of Milla's birthday and gave us candles. :3 I just cant, Myrsky is always so damn sweet ;__; ♥

Yum ♥
So cute ;_; ♥

They played FFIX music in the restaurant (okay 2 songs, melodies) but it was the cherry on top of everything.

Before we went to eat we went to take some photos :3 Here is some edited ones.

 Fuck the police. I just liked this picture...even tho the wind blew my wig on my face.

This is just one humorous picture....XD

 Picture of me.

I have also tried to get back to my boyish style too. I really liked it so I want to do it more often.

Well that's about it. It's been a while again, but I don't want to force myself to blog when I don't feel like blogging. So hang in with me! :3

sorry about my awesome english skills.