sunnuntai 8. kesäkuuta 2014


Sorry my schedule have been so busy lately because I just graduated from my school!!! I had so much stuff to do before graduation so I just wanted to stop bloging for a while. Don't worry tho I will be back more from now on (hopefully).


Our cute group photo by Milla

Day before Miyavi was our Gyaru meetup. It was fun to meet up other gyarus again but to be honest it was kinda boring because we didnät do anything together. Others from out meeting wanted to eat at Burger King so we got separated. Anyway we went to Kluuvi to take pictures and after pictures Me, Milla, Viivi, Sari and Mila went to have some food at Wrong.

Blogger is making the colors of this picture yellowish and I decided to just let it be too lazy to fight over it. Damn my hair looks nice in this one, the color and all. Now my hair is more greenish mint because I was too lazy to maintain that violet color.

Like I said after we took some pictures we decided to go and have some food at Wrong. That place was small and the food was delicious. Honestly it is now one of my favorite asian restaurants.

 Teriyaki chiken

 Me and lovely Sari (it was bit too dark to take iphone pictures)

We went to get some frozen yogurt because you just can't lice without desert. Spice Ices frozen yogurt is like nothing compared to this!

When we were done eating we went to Viivis place and well...we started to eat there too lol. I think this whole say was about us having some delicious foods. However I don't complain it was fun and I can't wait to hang out with these people again.


On March I went to Miyavi's consert. I had bought myseld a VIP ticket and once again the gig was so badly organized that it almost made me cry. It was at Helsinki Circus like the Gazette and also at Miyavi, there were almost more VIP fans than regulars. Me and my friend Laura were the first ones at the line, about 6-7 AM. After we came there couple others came in too.  I didn't sleep at all the night before and I forgot to eat. I was so tired and it was snowing while we waited 12hours outside under Angry Birds blankets.

Jonna, Me, Laura, Laura's sister Heidi and the girl on bottom row (sadly I don't remeber her name.)

While at the line me and Laura (the friend I was with) tryed to take people to right lines and picked up all trash etc at the line. People actually came to us when they wanted to ask questions about the lining and stuff. I saw the staff people from jrocksuomi maybe twice. At the line we got to know that they sold memberships to Miyavi's conserts too but they didn't advertise those in Finland at all (I am happy about it tho).

We also made this sheet for Miyavi and collected names of other fans on to it. Laura drew it and I gave her paint + bought the sheet. I didn't have time to paint it with her : / We hope that Miyavi liked it!
How ever the consert was more than awesome I cried and laughed it was so much fun! I got to be at the middle of the front row so I saw everything and got to hug Miyavi. I loved the set list he played new songs
as well as the oldies.

 Can you spot me? Miyavi is about to come and stand on front of us so I got to hug him.

VIP meeting was more like "take a picture and fuck off" kinda thing. We were told not to talk to Miyavi or hug him nothing just stand next to him and take your poster and leave. I was happy that Miyavi himself thanked us and shaked our hands. He was so kind. Did I tell you that he was the first japanese artist I listened to. After all the gig was still awesome I loved it.

We all look kinda dead after the show. It was so much fun. I look like a potato.

TAMPERE KUPLII 2014 29-30.3

Some weeks after Miyavi we went to Tampere with
Milla because there were this little convention. I was cosplaying on saturday day because my friend asked me to and I couldn't say no to him. He has always been this kinda person that makes me feel comfty. So he asked me to cosplay
Katekyō Hitman Reborn! I was Colonello and my friend Joel was Ryohei.

Because I am bad at making clothing for my size Milla was kind enought to make my jacket and pants. I how ever made those little details like sleeve mark, chest mark + sewed the puttons on. My cosplay isn't perfeckt but I hade tons of fun with Joel and Milla + our friends Ansku were with us also.

And here some ...not so serious pictures for you


It was fun, it was awesome, it was best day ever

On Sunday I didn't coplay I was just regular me on "gyaru" style also I met one of my readers at Kuoplii, she was so damn cute! Here is couple pictures of my outfir. I know it's not so gyaru but I want to dress like I want to!

Yeah that was it for now. I will make entry about Cosvision later because this entry is so freaking long already!

Earlier thiw week I woke up and decided that I am way too fat. I stoped drinking soda and I left all my snaks like chips, choco etc. I am eating healthily and having long walks etc. I feel much better even tho it has been only 4 days since I started but I don't feel so puff. My goal is to get under 100kg this summer and end of the year I want to be aroun 85kg and next year before summer I hope I will be around 60-70kg :3

Hope you have had good summer so far and congrats to those who graduated from school and good luck to those who didn't!