perjantai 20. syyskuuta 2013

† Tracon 8 - Long entry †

Last weekend I was at Tampere to attend Tracon 8. We left to Tampere on friday about 4PM and arrived there 10PM. We were kinda slow at driving a car and before we even left from Seinäjoki with Naru we went to get some food :'D

We stayed at Aino's house for a night and she made me pancakes ;_; !! On saturday morning we went to Tracon. I was nervous since I didn't like the idea of me being in a place full of people I don't know, but I got used to that idea fast and I relaxed. I was suprised how much people there were because last time I was in a big con it was in 2010 and it was Tracon too. Back then, there weren't this many people there. Ayway to me everyone seemed to enjoy their time.

† Gyaru Finland's Meeting! †
Top row: Stella, Selma, Laura and Me
Bottom row: Saija, and Sari
On saturday we held a little gyaru meeting. We have this Gyaru Finland group and this was my first meeting with the people from that group. Everyone thought there would be more gals attending....but noy. Also somehow two of the girls left before we took this picture T_T.

Anyway I still had alot of fun. I somehow expected
that this meeting would be pain in the ass and that all the gals would be mean hahah me and my stupid mind because it wasn't like that at all. I didn't know anyone, I saw all the girls first time in my life and they were AWESOME! I mean everyone was derping and just having fun, we laughed and took alot of pictures.
I was trying to open this damn soda bottle for Laura. . . I had to use a pencil to get it open haha XD.
Photo by Saija
WINNER! I got it open. This soda tasted good :3 (my hair ;__; it looks so shitty, I blame Milla for buying me shitty hairspray)

 Photo: by Saija
 Me & Sari (photo from Sari's blog)

It was so funny how we got along so well even tho we just met for the first time! I was really nervous to meet Sari since I like her blog and style alot. She was so derpy and sweet. It is a good thing that I went to that meeting. Some of the gals actually asked if we have known each other already before the meet. :'>

I can't wait to see her in Helsinki meet! \(≧∇≦)/♥
I also got to know these two gentlemen. They were so awesome! I met Buu and Emmi for the first time in my life and we got along so well. It felt like we had known each other for years! I can't wait to see you guys again

Buu as Guren Aoi and Emmi as SGD Uruha.

†Random pictures from Saturday†
 I still don't know what happened here.
Dashi♥ I went to Tracon to find her art table. I bought couple lolita Koneko-chan from her ;_; but I lost one somewhere.


 BEST COSPLAY EVER!! I like...LOVE Biker Mice from Mars! This show was my childhood. I literally died when I saw them. First I was too afraid to take a picture with them but then I got my self together! Throttle wanted me to go next to him but Vinnie has always been my favorite one! I used to roleplay him when I was a kid.

 Milla & Justin Bieber
Henniina as Boogie Snape & Me

Tampere talo at the evening. (ps I like that Angel in the coner)

I also met Joel,  Inka, Teemu, Mae, Minna, Nyamo, Shatonie and many many other awesome people.

† Sunday†

I don't have so many pictures from Sunday but here is some. This day was kinda slow but alot of fun too. I met Uru and Aoi again. Also hang out with Inka. Saw Joel again and Shatonie and and many other people too. I bought derping little Korilakkuma and had FUN!
My outfit from the day 2
Mae, Milla, Minna & Me

 Milla & Joel
I met Inka for the first time too. We have know eacht other some time but never met. She was sweet and fun to hang with. I spend time with her on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

Nothing else happened on Sunday not that I can remember anything important.
 Before we left from Tampere, we went to have some Minetti's ice cream. I took bubblegum icu and it felt like velvet in your mouth ;_; So tasty and so good.
 Me, Milla & Thomas.

Well that was my weekend at Tracon. Next week it is time to rock with the GazettE!! I am exited, nervous I feel like puking. How many of you are going to Finlands gig or have been their gig ? I just hope I'm going to get better since I have a fever now and my head is burning from the inside.

†Thank you for reading and waiting for my entry.†