sunnuntai 8. heinäkuuta 2012

When life gives you lemons

Just a quick blog entry about my new wig and stuff. I'm still in the middle of packing all my things there has been so much stuff to do. We got a apartment with my girlfriend and I'm moving out of my home on 25.7 I'm nervous as hell, since I still need to go get our sofa and I need to pay my moving van, but hell yeah things are going to clear out soon. I also worked with nails this past week! I didn't know it were so hard but my shoulders and neck are still on fire haha.

Some of those I made

 Those blue ones were so hard to make since she had bited her nails short, but she still wanted them. Those silver and pink ones are my favorites.

I just noticed how much easier it is to make nails for others. These are my current nails and they are messy as hell haha. I used some mint and brown nailpolish to make these look sweet ♥
Some time ago I got my UV owen and it werent expensive + I got bit extra money so I bought it. Isn't it cute pink!


I phone photo.

I got this wig on thursday and I'm still bit not sure if I love it or hate it. I know you get what you oder from eBay but this time the seller was one weird one. First they didn't have almost none of those wigs wich they were selling on their shop and they only had this one. This aint the one they have on the se produckt picture, I odered this one on the picture below. I know there can be color difference depending on your screan monitor, it is okay, but on my wig there is this "skin" part to make it look more "natural" and I hate those wigs because the bangs wont look good. The curls are also way different. I just don't know, well maybe I'll fix this and make it look more better! :3 

 Oh yes the sellers name reads on that picture and I don't recomend Vinspire.

Freaking shaky hand and derpy angry face  : D but you can see more difference on this photo.

Baah well anyway I need to start woring on packing my stuff. I just need to go get more cardboard boxes!! I wont be blogging so much right now since I've packed almost every makeup stuff away : //

I leave you with a picture of me without makeup. I also dyed my hair back to blond because of the school

So sexy........