keskiviikko 25. huhtikuuta 2012

Makeup tutorial?

Hey lovely readers. I'm so sorry for being lazy blogger. My life is so boring atm and I really didn't have a clue about what I should write about and then one of my readers really gave me an idea of doing a "tutorial". Sop I decided to do makeup tutorial. I'm not a makeup guru or anything nor am I somehowGOODbut I'll just show you how I've improved but oh well.

Before the tutorial I'll tell you something about what have happenes lately. I've been accused to being spoiled and someone even made a G_S thing about that and I just want to make one thing clear to all of you, that my mom doesn't pay me my things! She doesn't pay my phone, makeup, wigs nor lenses. Sometimes she sponsors some jeans or shirt. So I don't know about you but I think the meaning of a word spoled means a person whos parents buy everything for he/she when that person just whines about it a little.

Also I'm going to travel AGAIN first to Vaasa because I have entrance exams there and then we go to Helsinki on 9.5 to meet friends and go see LM.C so you can stalk me there. I'm lucky that I got some offer tickets to Helsinki so it will cost totally around 38€ to Helsinki and back to Vaasa. Oh and I don't have a another clue when I'm coming back home since I will live at my girlfriends place until all my entrance exas are over. : /

So now to my first"tutorial!"

So first my face without ANY makeup so you can see every single color of my face. I have slight pinkish yellowish face and dark circles under my eyes. I also have a natural blush and because I have so multi colored face I look tired without makeup. (please don't mind my hair color I'm blonding my head atm)

First I add my circle lenses but before you add yours fash your face and hands so you make sure there is no dirt on your face and when I'm done move to the base of your skin.

For the base I'm using only  B.B cream from Skin79 and Mineral Bowder (whites color) from Lumene. Some of you might need concealer and I too need normaly, but because I wanted to show you how good this B.B cream is I did not use any concealer for my skin.

Now add your foundation evenly and not too much just so your face look flawless!

Then add you choice of powder and gently brush excess bowder off and when you have done that draw your eyebrows. I like to use two different pens for that. I don't have any tips for drawing your browns, just draw them the way they grow? Mine are slightly different from each other so it can be hard to make them look even.

If I would do my boy look I would end here and start to slyte my hair, but I'll show you my girly makeup.

Because I have kind of big nose I'll add some shades (there is some real word to this but forgot it lol) into it and normaly your nose will look better if you do this, but you don't have to if it feels stupid : D I like to shade it with my brown eyshadow palette from eBay.

I use only these two colors to shade my nose look smaller because they are not glitterish and they blend kind of ok. It takes some time to learn what looks good on your nose and I still can't do it well.

Now that you have found some good and natural colors for your skin start shading! Remeber to follow your natural nose bridge like I did. Add some darker brown belov your brows and then add more lighter one when going dow your nose and don't forget to blend! (first arrow down means darger, second down lighter)

When that is done you can move into your eyes. Or this is the oder how I do my makeup but hey I'm not professional so I'm not perfect!

I forgot to take a picture of my blush : D So don't forget to add blush to your cheeks!

So now we will do more glamorous look for eyes, not my normal darger makeup, since it makes my eyes look bit too heavy. For eyes I use alot of different products which you can see above.
I don't know which you should add first, your eyeshadow or mascara? Well now I went and added mascara first. I don't think it really matters now that we will add eyelashes too.

First apply some eyeshadow primer to your eyelids it prevents an eyeshadow coming off your eyelids while going out. Then apply gold eyeshadow to your whole eyelid and for outer corder add some copper, it makes your eyes look deeper. When you have done this to your both eyes add eyeliner.

Best way to add your eyeliner (in my oppinion) is to follow your lashes line naturally and because we are going to add fake eyelashes draw a small line downward from outer corner of your eye.

To make your eyes look even bigger draw a black line under your lenses, add some white eye pen inner and outer corners.

Add lashes and some copper eyeshadow under your lower fake lashes and you are done with your eyes! If you are doing this for first time, it can be bit kinky to add your lashes. I've done this many times and I still suck at putting them on.

Final part is here are you ready or tired?

For this look use more natural colors like beige and pink. First apply Lumene natural beige all over your lips, then but Icon frozen star apple on top of it with a lip brush.

For to make your lips look deeper and natural put really slightly Lumene's wild rose lip gloss to your inner lips to make it look like that you've been liking a red lollipop and your makeup is done.

Add a wig or style your hair and you are ready to go to scare people :3

My cat kept on looking at me while I did these makeup

Oliver:  >: (

Remeber kids don't forget to DERP! Life is not all serious and being pretty >: (

Hope you enjoyed even tho I'm not goof with these kind of things :3
If you have questions feel free to ask !


sunnuntai 15. huhtikuuta 2012

Back at home

Hey guess who is back from Vaasa..I guess me. I came back home on Friday but I've felt bit lazy so that's why I write this now. I didn't want to write any entries when I were at Vaasa because Milla's computer is kind of slow and somehow I only like to write my blog when I'm alone.

I think I'm going to separate my shopping haul entry from this one so there will be something else to write about next week? I didn't shop alot tho because somehow all the money always goes to food and snaks : D

I don't feel like explaining every picture I took (or what Milla took) so I'll just say few words what we did. So after 6 hours train trip I arrived to Vaasa on Friday evening about 8PM? and because I were hungry as fuck we made some food and then just watched movies.

On Saturday we met up with few ppl (Maria, Minna and Juulia). They came over to Milla to have some dinner with us. Food was good and the company were good too! We had alot of fun and watched movies and because me and Minna suddenly wanted ice cream we went to Shell to get some and it was about 11PM but at least we got our Ben & Jerry's Half Baked
Here we are having a dinner. I made the sallad and Milla made the food. And ofcourse I got to cut Minna's hair XD

Sunday passed by with the same ppl who were at Milla on Saturday  XD and on Monday me and Milla went to shopping and eat out. I was realy lazy to take any pictures on that week so I don't really have photos wich to show you.

But on Thursday we met Salla she is Milla's friend who is now in Korea Seoul teaching english! I'm going to link her tumblr. later! She was really awesome person and we went to café but we all took ice tea wich was good but not as god ad Chill Out's Mango ice tea ♥

 Salla and Milla
Wierdly all our right hands were somehow painfull that day : o

This is the reason why I don't smile...and my boobs are huge >.<

My style from that day. It was plain and comfty so I don't complaine. I got that blouse from Gina Tricot and yes I have been drooling over it from the very first moment I saw it couple months ago ;__; now I got it ♥ I made that cross to my jeans myself.

We also fed some duck while I stayed at Vaasa. They were so freaking cute when they tryed to get some bred while sliped and slide on the ocean ice ♥ also I got to feed some Canada Gooses those birds are freaking huge!.

LOOK AT THAT GOOSE and there were a couple ♥

Me feeding some ducks.

And now some random pictures from my trip and I'm not lazy at all : D

 Milla's snaks and me behind the bag. Very sexy desu.

My lip is derping and some of you guys wondered what I look without makeup and here it is I look derpy as fuck so enjoy ♥

More very sexy pictures of me grr.

Milla bought me choco and a cake the day before I went back home ;__; that cake was DELICIOUS

And some pictures of my L cosplay. I had fun even thought my toes froze while standing without socks nor shoes and it were so windy that my hair didn't stay on the right way : I

That house really looked like one of those horror movie houses from japanese horror movies like Grudge. Don't know but that color....gray and...more gray  made me feel like a grudge XD


FATALITY !!! I'm officially dead and it has come to an end for this entry.
OH YEAH! While I was at Vaasa I reached over  200 readers (now I have 205) I couldn't thank you then but now I will thank all off my readers for reading me and finding my blog even bit interesting. I'll try to get some stuff together and make big giveaway but until then.

 here is a waffle ♥