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My inspiration to write about noses came from one anonym who told me that my nose is huge like a snowplow HAHA ! So this blog entry is for all those girls (and boys) who have been teased about having a big nose or think that they have the bigest nose EVER because their nose doesn't look like this.

So this nose is small basiclly because she have used plastic surgery + photoshop or she is one damn lucky girl! I think that nose is absolutely beautiful. . .BUT I also think that big nose is beautiful too and all girls  should be happy with the nose they have!

I'm not saying these next noses are BIG, but they are not like in the first photo. These noses look normal and beautiful!
Is it because we are not asian celebrity that we are "ugly" if we have a "big" nose ?


We should be proud because girl with a big nose can look as good as girl who have smaller nose. Don't feel sad if your nose doesn't look photoshoped or after plastic surgery! Big noses are beautiful too!

I'm not saying I'm against plastic surgery if it makes you happier then go ahead, but wouldnt it make you happier that you could be one with your nose and your body.

So tell me have you been teased in school because you have "big" nose or was it 'cause something else?

And do you hate or love your nose and why?

perjantai 21. lokakuuta 2011 and lash review.

Okay today I found this online shop and I fell in love with the clothes, shoes and prices!! Has anyone bought from them? i was thinking of giving them a try because I found some shoes from them!

Three shoe that I like the most

Go check their website!

Today I got my lower lashes, ofcourse I needed to try them on right away !!

These arrived in a really cute box ♥

These costed aroun 2€ and there is 10 pairs in one box. I bought these from eBay and they look really cute in eyes. I will put two pair of these (or more) on my giveaway !

I still need to practise how I put them on, but I think my eyes looks pretty cute now!

lauantai 15. lokakuuta 2011

Back at home!

Finally I'm back home from Vaasa (came back on monday) and I'm in the mood of writing an entry. I love Vaasa, ppl there are kind and nice. They don't watch you along the nose (some teenager girls who all look the same) I always love to go back to Vaasa.It's a pretty seaside town and it reminds me of Kemi tho it is much much bigger than my hometown.

My trip was really awesome and I had a lots of fun!! I stayed at my friends Milla's home. Milla is my best best best friend and much more and if you ask me she is the best photographer ever. I didn't have to photoshop my pics at all, her + nature light = good photos.We ate a lot but still a managed to loose weight 5kg yey. Mainly because we took long walks.

Warning this entry is going to be full of random things.

Now some photoshoot pictures!

Me and Milla in the elevator. This is an after photoshoot picture. I've styled her hair + also cut it.

This picture is my favorite one!



Shoes: friend
Knitted Shirt: flea market 3€
Leggins: H&M 13€
Necklase: flea market 4€
Scarf: flea market 0,50cent

My photographer were so good that it was really hard for me to decide which photos to publish! I have still plenty of pics which I would like tho show.

At Cat House

Me and my friend went to this cat house to bring them some food and to see what kind of cats they have and they were all so cute!! Why does some ppl take a cat and then abandon it. I understand if family member comes allergic to cats, but some just abandon them after summer.

Some of my favorite ones! I couldn't take pics of the lil kittens, they were too energetic.

These three were so cute. Sleeping in a lil basket just waiting someone to buy them ♥

This cutie is my favorite. He's name is Miki and he is missing his right eye. He was friendly and peaceful. No one takes him because he is missing his eye. I think he is badass XD

He is Sulo and....his eyes are derping like hell but he sure was friendly XD

This one was bit scared because the place was full of people, but he let me pet him for a while :3 I love that color!

Baa I want to have all those cats. The owner of that place said that after this winter that old house is going down so they need new place. The city of Vaasa doesn't give any money to that Cat House. . .

My cat Oliver sat on my lap today and left mark behind. . . he is fat!

Random things

Me and Milla at the day one photoshoot :3 ♥

Some watermelon soda ♥ I miss that soda

Here is Milla. I know she is going to love me after posting this picture XD But I think this is what Milla is, funny, loves food and lovely XD

My thai grill food. It was delicious. Only minus was that...those noodles tasted like spaghetti : C and lil birds wanted there share of my food.


My was supposed to be rilakkuma, but it is from china. Anywhore I still love it ;__; thank you milla ♥

New nail polish

Wanna pepperoni and Soaked in Purple. I absolutely love these colors.

Yeah that was pretty much all. I'm doing good. I'm just waiting for my final exam results from school. I'm hoping that I'll pass my math this time! School ended again for me but I'm still working in eldery home and love life goes well too :3 Tho I almost broke my PC mouce 'cause it clicks everything two times by it self and yeah blogger is always fucking to me ♥

And for the end me as a Gimli : D

Oh yeah before I forget my giveaway opens next month so stay tuned!!