tiistai 27. maaliskuuta 2012

glossing lips

I wanted to share my lip glosses from Icon wich I got today and also my favorite lipstick from Lumene Natural Code nude beige I really don't like to use too red lipstick nor lipglosses because I think it makes me look older so I use more nude and pink ones. I werent supposed to write another entry any time soon, but I got an inspiration and really wanted to shre these with you. I'm sorry I don't have makeup on the pictures nor have done nothing to my hair : D

 Lumene Nude Beige is my favorite lipstick just because I love lips with more nude lips more than reddish and you know the reason why. This lipstick is good and the color is not too nude because you can tell the differense between your lips and skin. It stays in your lips rather well but after you eat/dirnk it goes away. I also use this lipstick on the base of my lips.

Rating: ★★★★★

Icon Natural Baby Pink lip gloss. This is also more nude and natural looking lip gloss and it wasn't expensive. I bought it from Sokos Emotions and I'm not so sure if I like it yet, because it didn't blend in so well but I have to wait that my lips are not so chapped. Still I like the color it is cute!


Icon Frozen Star Apple lip gloss. First of all the name of this lip gloss is so cute! I bought this also from Sokos - Emotions and it wasn't expensive and this is really thick and it blended in amazinglt. In my oppinion it is way more better than the Natural Baby Pink lip gloss and I love this too because it is not so nude but it's not too bright pink. It is more delicious looking one. Have to give it full 5 stars!

Rating: ★★★★★

maanantai 26. maaliskuuta 2012

sponsored lense review

I got these lenses from my sponsor LensVillage.com , some time ago and they came in a week! I'm suprised that they came so fast because last time I waited almost 2 to 3 feeks because of their holidays. However this is my first sponsored review so my first free pair of lenses.

These lenses are really pretty! I like the snowflake kind of pattern and the color is nice. These are super confortable in eyes and actually you can't feel them in your eyes at all. The only minus is that when you take pics with flash you can see your own eyecolor too not like I take pictures with flash light anyway : D Tho I can se my own color when ever I'm in bright natural light : ( Well anyhow I love these but next time I want the color be even more bold!


*insert ZOMG face here*
 Som fake Rilakkuma photo (it's a good pillow tho) and I look derr herp hurr durr
The blue color comes really out with this wig and somehow I look mean.

And some other stuff.
I might not post another entry in a while because I'm going to Vaasa on Friday to see my girlfriend but I can promise you that you will get one BIG entry about that Vaasa trip or some I don't know yet!

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Many faces of cosplay: HERE !!! Only for FINS! auki 14 Huhtikuta asti!

 Ultimate Luxury: HERE!! open till 1st of April

torstai 22. maaliskuuta 2012

Souvenirs from Japan

Just a quick entry about my souvenirs from Japan. I didn't get much because I only wanted an egg magazine ^^. I also wanted mens egg but my friend didn't find it (I fixed this part because I first understood her wrong) Thank you Lygo and I'm more than happy with the egg magazine and she was kind enough to send me Yumachi & Aina poster too the golden one and some fliers. I also went and curled my wigs because the red one had loose almost all of it's curls and I just wanted to curl the blond one too but it was bit hard. If you want to know how you can curl your wigs Viivi has a good  tutorial for it and I don't seem to find any reason to make tutorial of myself.

Tell me should I keep these photos this big or should I go back to the way I used to add them?

Now to the souvenrin pictures I want to talk bit about my egg magazine because I found so many nice clothing styles again and hair colors and ofcourse some pretty weird styles too. I also noticed that
ぐぐ-chan had cuted her hair short (or just tooked extensions off) and it looked so cute on her. She is one of my favorite models.

I love those shoes

 I wish I could have that red blonde hair ♥

She has somehow the style (and body ;_; ) wich I would like to have it's really plain and not so amazing but somehow I love those heels and jeans too much♥

She must be one of those persons who have really unique and weird style. I never have really liked her style and yeah...I really don't have nothing to say since I can't stop laughing. Tell me if I'm weird but I think she looks....scary.

There were so many girls with jean jackets.

She cought my eye the very first second  I saw her. I love everything about her style. Hair, clothes and those boots!

Finaly my favorite one of them all Kanako ♥ first I didn't like those shoes so much but now I think they are pretty and I really like her shirt and backbag!

Also Ayame on the right corner looks amazing and cool ♥

Sorry if this entry looks so messy because I have started to think that maybe this freaking blogger hates me because it never works. @__@ like some of those pics are the way they are supposed to be but some just GAAAAH. I hate blogger so much and I still use it : D and I'll inform about the giveaway to those who took part into it. I'll send you all a e-mail today or tomorrow !

keskiviikko 14. maaliskuuta 2012

Wig wig wig

Yesterday I got my new wig wich I odered from Taobao. It took some time till it came but I love it. Even thought taobaos agent kind of messed up with my oder couple times and the wig came to cost more than the page actually said I'm more happy with the quality of my new wig. I'm not happy with taobaos agent but atleast I got my wig. I apologize in advance for my bad quality photos. I also got my green Gatsby wax but I'll safe that for later uppload.

Also I will announce later if there will be a giveaway winner or is there still too few taking a part in to it.

 This time I wanted to try shorter wig with curls and I didn't want blond nor I wanted brown so I found this beautifull and cute Linen colored wig. Actually I odered this almost 3 weeks ago with some eyelashes wich I in the end didn't oder because they told be I paid less than needed  and  I paid what needed so I felt bit cheated.
Some random camwhoring

gotta love those curls ;_; ♥

Todays outfit.

Dress: seppälä
Socks: unknown
Blouse: Subway
West: Prisma
Garter: Emotions

I allready got some negative feedback ingluding my legs and I was wondering when ever I feel happy of myself someone founds it funny to stab a knife in to my heart.

I'm so normal : D


Circle lense review
Gatsby wax review
Giveaway winner

maanantai 5. maaliskuuta 2012

OMG IT'S A VLOG! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡

I made my first blogger vlog...I've done couple vlogs before but now I post it in here + in youtube. I hope you like it even thought my english is not that AMAZING and that I don't have so amazing clothes on because I'm feeling nauseous so I have like college pants on : / But because I told yesterday that I will do this today so I did.

I look so angry and funny in that "picture" dghöslö XD Nice double chin lol