keskiviikko 10. heinäkuuta 2013

Summer Time

I have so much to tell but no idea where to start but I still have to do this. Umm last month some of my family members visited me at Vaasa. I saw my mom, big sis and my brothers daughter. It was alot of fun for a week and I was so happy to see them. Also I went to Kemi to see rest of my family and I had really missed them all since it had been 6 months without seeing any of them. We took my brothers daughter Tiia to Tropic Land and it was my first time in there too. I liked it ALOT and I want to go there again.

While I was at Kemi I saw Miska my awesome friend who wanted to have a photoshoot with me also we were having fun because he was about to move away from Kemi. We took all of the photos lake near my mothers house. We had everything ready for our photoshoot, Miska even bought some
insect repellent. In the end he forgot it and all the insects were lying around Miska biting him and he wore alot more glothes than I. Ofcourse I can never take any of my photoshoots seriously : D
 I made a penis cake...I am so mature. : D

 Gredit: Miska Lehto
 I got my makeup inspiration from Tsubasa Masuwaka :3 I think she is one of the pretties gyarus even tho she is not 100% natural and looks always the same but I don't care.
 Yes we are hot and pretty.

After a 2 weeks I came back to Vaasa and after that I havent done anything really. I have been jogging and drinking water. Once we had a photoshoot with Milla but I don't think the photos came out that good. I tryed something different this time. More punkish and not so girly I think.
 I kinda like red haircolor on me and this style was something new for me.
 I look so not satisfied in this one XD
I have really bad knees and I have always had so I can't go jogging everyday. Also I have started to topple over time after time and it's getting really embarrasing. I have this thing on my right ankle that is bends weirdly when I walk or when I don't put any weight on it. I usually step on my outher side of the right foot rather than my sole like you usually do and it makes me to fell on the ground easily if I sted on a small rocks or something.. That's why I can't use any heels and it is pissing me off. This problem has been on my leg as long as I can remeber like from childhood and it never got fixed now I am trying to use a ankle support many time as possible.

On monday Millaäs frien Minna (aka Paranormia) and her girlfriend Erika came in here because they were looking for an apartment! They stayed at our house and luckily they got an apartment kinda near of us so we got more friends in here!! yey! I can't wait them to move in here so that we can hang out more because these couole days were so much fun!

Also my hair has grown pretty much to the point that I can get extensions *w*!