sunnuntai 9. maaliskuuta 2014


I know it has been 3 months since I last wrote in here, but I think I have a good reason for that. I have been dead tired because of school and mental problems but everything is going to be just ok. I have alot of things to tell you guys. I have bought some things I want to show you but I just don't have any energy to take photos or try to write. Still I think I own you guys this much, I need to write you something right?

Well anyway, last weeks saturday me an Milla spend our 1 year
engagement anniversary.! ♥  Time goes so fast !! I think it was just yesterday that we decided to go buy rings for our fingers. My mother was so kind that she gave us 40€ to spend on our anniversary so we decided to go try out this Thai restaurant and of course we bought some sweets to eat at home.

  Emptry plates :'D I forgot to take a picture of my plate full of food.

 This coconut milk tapioca pudding was really delicious, I want to make it at home too!

I still don't know why I did this face but....somehow it is like "I can mell your bullshit" type of face.
 Milla and me ♥

We sang japanese karaoke and got same points!

Here is some photos of my somewhat new hair. I went and cut myself bangs and to be honest I really like it. I was so sick of my hair being all over my face like a monster. I am not wearing any gyaru-ish makeup more natural so what do you think ?

This is it for now...I will make clothing post next week but I wanted to write you something. I am not dead even tho some might want it and I haven't stoped blogging I will continue and hopefully I will gain more energy and selfesteem.

Next week I am going to Helsinki because of Miyavis gig and on saturday I am going to go to gyaru spring meeting and see some friends.