sunnuntai 26. toukokuuta 2013

Long weekend

Hello guys! Somehow I thought it's been only few weeks since last entry but it has been a month again. My summer vacation finaly started after hard and long work in a school. Now I have more time to actually DO stuff, like finding a job if that is ever going to happen in Vaasa.

Anyway last weekend me and Milla went to Helsinki because of Zombie Walk and Hanami. I managed to get some solar dermatitis before Helsinki trip so that's why you can see some red spots on my neck. We lived in a Myrre's house. Thank you!

On Saturday I met Temo one of my dearests friends. We had a blast! (Temo's mad editing skills XD )
I enjoy her company so much and miss her already ;__; We both were kinda poor at that time but we were so lucky that we got some free vitamin water and moomin lollipop + some coupons to RAX haha.

I've heard so much bad feedpack about vitamin water that I never have bought one but this one was actually good. Do you like these?

After we got our freebies I wanted to go and have some bubble tea because I've never tasted one and I was so curious.

I had milky lychee with notmal balls and it was good!! Okay lychee is always tasty. I will try some other ones next time I go to Helsinki. Which is your favorite flavor? Let me know! After bubble tea we just hanged around talking, taking pictures and laughing but then she had to go and I had to go ;__; I went to watch zombie walk for a while because Milla, Minna and Myrre went there but then went back to "home" because I got an ugly blister on my heel.

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On Sunday I went to Hanami with Myrre, Sanni, Minna and Milla. Lucky for us the weather had been so good that sakura trees were blooming. Last year there were no blooming when we went to Roihuvuori. this was my first time seeing sakura and it was really pretty.

The Gang
Minna, Sanni, Milla, Myrsky and I (photo taken by Thomas)

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Photo taken by: Sanni

 There were alot of Akita dogs ;__; I love these dogs so bad. Look at it ! I don't remeber her/his name but she/he was so gentle and calm.

Also I saw Puni and she was so nice and pretty! ;__;

 Before we left me an Milla went to get our names written in japanese. *derp*
This little fella was our new best firend he was 13 y.o and so calm little baby ♥

I saw some other friends too like Rosa and I also talked with so many people. Bought unnecessary stuff, ate japanese vanilla pancakes and had fun!

I just need to thank you my blog reader (I don't know your name ;__;) who came to talk with me! It was really nice to meet you and I hope you didn't think me as a creep when I huged you more than once but I was so happy to finally meet a blog reader you were so nice and pretty too!

Were you at Hanami? Let me know ^3^

Moikka moi!