lauantai 19. tammikuuta 2013

happy late new year

I know I know it's been too damn long since I last wrote but my holidays were so busy I just didn't have the time to enjoy myself and write : / and when I finlany got time I just wanted to relax before school started. Now I'm a trainee at city hospital and I'm deadly tired. But anyway this is what I've been up to!

On 21.12 I went back to my mom. I wanted to spend my christmas with my family and relatives. I stayed there for almost a week without internet. I saw friends and pretty much had good time. While I was at home my brother got his second child ;_; a baby girl! She was so cute ans terribly small because she was born one month early! My brother and Elina were so happy and ofcourse me, mom and my sisters were too. I can't wait to see her again. I also got to hear the name allready, my brother is so terrible at keeping secrets. Silja Hannele

On 2
7.12 I came back to Vaasa and the next day my friends Temo and Muffe came in here! I can't even remeber all the things we did but mostly we stayed inside since it was raining outside and the weather were just so bad. We had fun tho! I wish I could see them more often than once in a year : ( Anyway they both stayed up in here over the new year and we had this little host party, we ate sushi and drinked also we went to see the fireworks, they were awesome :3

We somehow decided that it would be shit loads of fun to play sushi roulette. We hid alot of wasabi in one of the sushies and the one who would get it...well..would feel the pain XD First Muffe got one, then Milla and the last went to Temo since we both wanted to take same sushi...I was faster lol! It was so fun!

 My wig looks so cheap : I but I like my nose!

 Muffe, me and Temo

 Oh you Milla ♥

On 3.1 Muffe and Temo went back home and I got to relax that day with Milla then we decided to go to Tuuri the next day to have some time together. We slept 2 hours that night and tryed to stay awake. It was horrible! I found some clothes from there and some other stuff. We saw Millas friends that day too and we spend 7 hours in Tuuri WTF! XD

On 5.1 Aino, Niina and Minna came to visit us for the weekend because of Aino's 18th birthday. I made her a b-day cake! It was the first one I've made complitely alone myself but it tasted good *3*. I wanted to make her little twin star cake since she loves that.

 Me and Milla got also this Lady Gaga perfume as a christmas gift from Minna ;__; waa. This smells so freaking good

I'll post my haul entry later because I don't want to write too long entry this time !!

How was your christmas and new year ?