lauantai 17. marraskuuta 2012

everlasting laziness

I have to tell you two weeks' worth of stuff and I'm just in the middle of changing my blog name and waiting to get a new headder. I just had a photoshoot for it but I need to wait for my friend to do his magic because I suck at editing :3

But yeah couple weeks ago I went to movies with Milla and we watched a horror movie called Sinister, it was pretty awesome! I was scared most of the time even tho the movie it self arent so scary, but the "in your face" scenes got my hear punding. You should have wanted to see my face in the front row :3 I hated the ending of the movie so bad...but oh well at least I got chils over the creepy guy.
 This is so close to what I looked like in the movies

Movie night's outfit:skirt citymarket shirt gina trigot scarf seppälä bow self made stockings sepälä shoes din sko jewerly ebay

And last weekend we had our late halloween party!
We had so many friends over, alot of food, drinks and ofcourse fun! My outfit was taken from my closet because the dress we were supposed to made f*cked up so bad XD Anyway it was mine and Milla's first party and I have to say that we did good. I'm so shitty to tell you about it more because at the begining of the party I were a sad face but went to have fun later. We didn't get any group photo shince no one stayed in one place long enough and some didin't even want to XD

Photo spam:

 Hallway of stars

 Kati ♥
Jooka (Milla's big brother) and Ilari

 Minna and I

 Me, Wu and Milla

 People derping.
Milla. . .

Jezus (aka Milla), not me and Johanna and our lovely price for the best costume. Anna won it but she doesn't want to be put in my blog.

I'm so very happy that so many people came to have fun with us! And I hoped more better guality pictures but the light sucked so bad and some poeple are bit shy for puting their pictures in the web. It was best time of my life so far :3

Now I'm going to start thinking the new layout...
*sneak peak to what my headder style is going to be*