sunnuntai 18. joulukuuta 2011

Hacker much?

Kaikille tiedoksi, että minä en ole tätä seuraavaa kommenttia Viivin blogiin kirjoittanu ja terveiset sille joka teki feikki accountin bloggeriin mun nimissä ja tuon kirjoitti, että HAAHAA olipa vitun hyvä läppä

Voisitteko nyt vittu lopettaa?
Koska periaatteessa saisin jo nyt marssia poliisiasemalle tän jutun kanssa :-)

Short in english.
Today someone hacked my blogger account and went to say some mean thing to Viivi under my name : /

keskiviikko 14. joulukuuta 2011

winter why u no so annoying

Okat so yesterday I went to a hospital because dentists wanted to take a x-ray of my teeth. It was so bad weather yesterday but today it was even worse. Today I walked to the dentist in sleet and rain only because for a 30 minutes checkup and now I have a cold.

But yeah last week I went shopping with myself and on December 3rd I graduated from highschool. Now I can finaly consider moving to Vaasa and live with my girlfriend + I have more friends on south than in here.

So in another words nothing so special have happened but I have to say I'm so happy about my graduation.

Because I graduated I bought myself a new wig for the party ofcourse. I really love it I was thinking about getting it in different color + I bought myself a new BJD doll girl this time MSD size but only a body I'm going to oder the head from some other frim. She has a cute big booty.

Look at that ass!

Now finlay some pictures!


My graduation dress. I chearched every freaking shop and finaly found this one We replaced that ehite silky ribbon with leopard ribbon.

If you live near sweden or you know that you have Skopunkten somewhere near you go and buy some shoes it is so cheap! Bought 3 shoes and got one shoes free! One shoes were for my sisters boyfriend and we split the discount. Those leopard shoes were actually the free pair.

These were only 20€

These were 5€ for me and last pair and my size Ofcouse leopard pattern again!

Me before going to get my student cap :3
I was too lazy to add my contact lenses.


I got these 3 OBH nordica household appliance + 400€
as gifts at my graduating party!

The day I went shopping:

This wig looks so different in nature light : o
BTW this is the new wig I was talking about.
I in fact love this wig, but I hoped that it would have been more copper than red just so you know I wasn't trying to copy Viivi -.-

Some furry hat, dunno really why I bought this maybe because it is cute and fluffy : D

Bought this dress on last friday from Seppälä.
It costed 30€ but I like it because it has pockets!

Some random in fitting room pics:
I like KappAhls lights they are very good if you want to take good pictures!

Like I have some dirt on my nose! Damn makeups.

It was big mistake not to take comb with me.

Somethings wrong with my another eye.
But yeah I was wearing this outfit, not so amazing but it was warm

This is the white t-shirt you can see me wearing on these pictures.

My new bed sheets! I love these because....well Angry Birds

Some leopard pattern nailtips! I freaking love them. I'm going to do some new nails after I recieve my 24 nailpolish bottles.
New foxtail because I lost my last one somewhere in Vaasa. Well it were broken anyway now I have this one Bought this about a month ago
 Cute pink logitech headset. They are in fackt better than my PC's speakers.

New HD web cam. It has so freaking amazing quality!

I pimped my mp3 and I LOVE IT

next time coming some hair tutorial