perjantai 29. kesäkuuta 2012

Cupon Code

Sorry guys I havent been on the mood of writing, my room is a big mess because I've been packing my clothing and stuff away. There is nothing more than stress in my life right now, stress about getting an apartment on time, stress about my room being so full of boxes and stress about furniture and paper hell is waiting also. I was tho thinking of doing my nails since I got my UV nailpolish oven yesterday + other nail stuff. SO beauty time for me I guess.

There has been really bad weathers also in Lapland, raining and cold but this is usual summer in here, okay the first month is always cold in summer but the next is going to be hot...I hope.

Tell me something, what have you guys been doing and what should I do to make my stress less more daily @__@ ??

OH YES and don't forget. I have now a cupon code to the Pinky Paradise !!!
Just use it any time you want it doesn't expire at all!!

When you buy lenses from Pinky Paradise use the code Rousuke and you will get free animal lense case (as usual) BUT you will also get one mystery gift!! Buy two you will get two free animal cases + two mystery gifts and so on ans so on. If you would buy 10 lenses you'll get 10 mystery gifts..You got the idea? Good!

I sound like a frieaking sales man on TV!!

Nothing much good days to you all!!


lauantai 16. kesäkuuta 2012

I'm So Excited

Hey! I got accepted to a school! I'm so happy that I don't have to stress about next school year. I'm going to study social and healt care to become a nurse. I also wanted to became a hairdresser but I love this line too and wouldn't be happier.

Mainly I want to study eldery care but I like to work with kids too. I have some kind of base on my eldery studies since I were working at eldery home for 10 months and I've always loved kids. But you know what this means?? It is time for me to move out!! I'm really really excited, I'm going to move to Vaasa now and I've been waiting this to happen, thought now I'm stressing about apartment. It's no problem to find one but those places who rent...they are a problem because they don't call you back even tho they sey they will. Well I just have to keep calling more to them then : D

I hope I'll be able to move within July because the school starts on 13th of August and I don't like to rush things and move within a week. Next month I'm going to go buy some furniture from IKEA and only thing  me and Milla are now missing is a sofa but I bet we are going to find some good cheap one. I know some couples wouldn't move together after some months together (almost a year geez) but Milla is my best friend also not just girlfriend we live peacefully and don't even fight so often. + she is
a reliable person with whom to live and I love Vaasa! So pretty and big enough city for me. :3

I wish good luck to everyone who got into a school or a job :3 and you who didn't get to go school try again and harder you will do it!! :3


PS: I have a new headder tho it is not going to be permanent. The photo is one of my graduation pictures taken and edited by Miska

sunnuntai 10. kesäkuuta 2012

Welcome to my room

So this weeks entry I'll show you my room even thought I'm probably moving to Vaasa next month if I get accepted to school but it is nice to remeber what my old room looked like when I live on my own.

This is what my room looks like when you step in.
I have alot of stuff, my awesome Sherlock Holmes poster and shoes.

 View from the window.

View from wardrobe

Okay so that is my room from distant look and now for some details what I actually have in my room.

 This is where I do my makeups this mirror table is really handy and I love it even tho it is my moms and I can't have it when I move. You can see that actually that table is too small for all my makeup and hairdo stuff so I need bigger table.

Above that table I keep my wigs it is really easy to get them from there and they don't go all messy and shaggy when I keep them out of their bags. I do also need bigger self for my wigs because there is going to be atleast one more in this month other than that I need to buy some stuff to my new home.

 View of my makeup corner. I have too much stuff like litons because my elbows and ankles are dry as fduck. I have some hair stuff too 2 bottles of hairspray and a gatsby wax and on the wall I keep my hair straightener and dryer.

In the drawers.
 In the biggest drawer I keep my circle lenses and some of my fake eyelashes (the better ones). Also I keep my comps, piercings and random little stuff on that drawer.

In the smalest drawer I have some manly scent for my boyish style and my face cleaning towels.

More fakelashes + I keep my big eyeshadow palette in this drawer + some random stuff.

On the table.
 Black pouch: All my eye makeup, liners, maskara, eyelash fix etc.
Small pink pouch: Lip makeups, glosses, lipsticks etc.
Big pouch: Face makeups, powders, blushes, eyeshadows etc.
I do't kee my foundations inside my makeup pouches but on the table next to them.

 All my bracelets and rings.

All my makeup brushes nice and in order.

 I keep my necklaces on my wall with my foxtails.

 My favorite ones ♥
The key one is from Japan my friend Myrre bought it for me couole ears ago and the crome heart one is from eBay. I love the crome hear one so much since it is alike with Ruki's necklace.

 I like that wooden cross necklace and the one with many crosses. I should get rid of some of my necklaces since I don't use them all.

TV-level and bookshelf.
Me and my mom are crazy about plants. I have 10 plants in my room and my favorite ones are my lucky bamboos. I got two since my first one just suddenly after many years died :'< poor bambuu. I know I shouldn't have so many green plants in my room but oh well. I have all my DVD's and PS2 games on that shelf behing those bamboos. Yeah I don't have a TV since it got broken couople months ago : I

I keep my BJD dolls next to my egg magazines and other magazines, books etc. Under their shelf is my nail decorating stuff and nailpolishes and under their shelf I have more nail and deco stuff + a snorlax.

 All my mangas. I'm going to get rid of that ugly bookshelf and get a new one for all of my magazines and mangas, books etc. I once counted down my mangas and I had over 130 of them and I want more.

 My printing and sewing table tho now I have two wigs on styling progress so they take all my space on that table. Not much room for sewing. That brown wig is going to become straight and that red one just needs something,.

 Here is my life, my baby and my life. I mostly spent my time in here because I have no life I'm a boring person and I am addicted to Rilakkuma. No just my friends live in different cities and my best friend is in Japan so I have nothing else to do beside go for walks and browse you tube or 9gag. So don't wonder if I don't blog twice a week because I don't want to blog about 9gag or kitten videos on you tube.

 My heaven my sweet heaven...bed and my teddies ;_; I love teddies so STFU! They are cute : <

 I have this one project where I fill my whole wall with posters. I am weird since I can't stand white walls like it makes me crazy and stuff and luckily my room has white walls so I started to add postes and I got out of controll...I think.
Yeah this is the mess where I live in and soon I'll have to start taking my posters off the wall and start to pack all my stuff. This room is going to looks so empty when I leave hrr scary.

All I can say about this week is kvnbjknghdofijgkln which means it has been shitty as fduck yeah so zup guys? Any summer vacation plans?

I need to do new layout and headder...or I'll die.

perjantai 1. kesäkuuta 2012

Rainy days

Hello my blog we meet again. Somehow my brain does not work the right way right now and I'm out of words @__@ I'm getting bit ill again and if my head doesn't hurt my stomach does wii. Anyway on that upper picture has pretty much all the things I've bought lately. Well some jewerlies are missing and maybe some shirt I don't know or remeber, but as you can see and one BLUE shirt there is something wrong with me ZOMG. I love that vest...first I was "no it is too expensive" but then I was "I DON'T CAARE I MUST HAVE IT NOW!!" a monser was awoken. I was thinking of puting some spikes in it to make it more "original".

I somehow don't like to wear colors so much I'm scared of colorfull clothes, because years before I was...a..decora..... *shamed* I used too much sock and too much colorfull clothes so now I just HIISSS at all bright colored clothes XD

Also I got some fake lashes from my friend Myrre who went to Japan, she just wanted to get rid of her old ones and get new ones so I got some and I love them all!

This I bought from my friend Ichi aka Milla, she makes these and it costed 6€ don't know if it was friend prize. She makes some really pretty and cute jewerly too and you can go buy her stuff from nextweeks Desucon and also from the internet and I think they are not expensive so go and take a peak!!

Links to her shops:


I got a new wig and I love it!! It is brown and it werent so curly but I curled it, it looks pretty and natural. I don't know how much it has costed because my friend Myrre gave it to me for free (thank you ;_; ) since she didn't like the color. I might dip dye it red or violet.

Derp my hands were shaking like they do all the time.

 I still need to work on it. I want it to look much more more bigger!!

My outfit of a rainy Tuesday.
Blouse Gina Tricot Harem pants Flea market Scarf Cybershop Shoes Deparment Store Belt unknown.

I've been visiting the city lately I had some importand stuff to do and today I saw Kristian for a long time. We ate ice cream and just hang out talking, it was nice and I felt more alive than before (damn you flu!!). It got pretty cold outside even tho first it was sunny and warm. NowI feel ill started to rain when I walked back home... *sneeze*

Have fun people and don't get a flu!