lauantai 16. kesäkuuta 2012

I'm So Excited

Hey! I got accepted to a school! I'm so happy that I don't have to stress about next school year. I'm going to study social and healt care to become a nurse. I also wanted to became a hairdresser but I love this line too and wouldn't be happier.

Mainly I want to study eldery care but I like to work with kids too. I have some kind of base on my eldery studies since I were working at eldery home for 10 months and I've always loved kids. But you know what this means?? It is time for me to move out!! I'm really really excited, I'm going to move to Vaasa now and I've been waiting this to happen, thought now I'm stressing about apartment. It's no problem to find one but those places who rent...they are a problem because they don't call you back even tho they sey they will. Well I just have to keep calling more to them then : D

I hope I'll be able to move within July because the school starts on 13th of August and I don't like to rush things and move within a week. Next month I'm going to go buy some furniture from IKEA and only thing  me and Milla are now missing is a sofa but I bet we are going to find some good cheap one. I know some couples wouldn't move together after some months together (almost a year geez) but Milla is my best friend also not just girlfriend we live peacefully and don't even fight so often. + she is
a reliable person with whom to live and I love Vaasa! So pretty and big enough city for me. :3

I wish good luck to everyone who got into a school or a job :3 and you who didn't get to go school try again and harder you will do it!! :3


PS: I have a new headder tho it is not going to be permanent. The photo is one of my graduation pictures taken and edited by Miska

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  1. Vaasa on kyllä oikeasti tosi kiva kaupunki :)
    Ihana ku pääsette muuttamaan yhteen Millan kanssa!

    1. Kiitos ja Vaasa on oon rakastunu siihen kaupounkiin ja ihmisiin koska se tuntuu samalta ku mun kotikaupunki :3 Oon niin innoissani!

  2. i love ur blog :3 u have got so much beautiful wigs ^o^ and ur pretty :) followed ( with the name Cantarella XD)


  3. your new banner is so skdfhdjfgjdg GIRL YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL , JUST THE WAY U ARE ;_; ♥