lauantai 26. toukokuuta 2012

Wow..Fantastic Baby

Okay it's been too long since my last entry and I know it is not right for my readers to keep them waiting. I tho said in my last small entry that I don't know when I'm going to write and nor do I know when I come home. Well I came home week ago and I took a terrible flu with me. I've been sick over a week now and it is not fun. I havent got flu in 5 years maybe so I felt like dying. I'm still goughing like hell but I'm not so sick anymore. Yesterday was my first day without fever and I'm happy because my sister turned 30 yesterday. Enough of bullshit and to the actual point.

So I went to Vaasa on 7.4 because I had my entrance exams on the very next day. Then on 9.4 we went to Helsinki with Milla!! The long waited trip started and we were more than happy to see friends. I'm so idiot that I didn't take pictures with my camera that day -.-" But yeah I met with Temo, Sini, Myrre and Taija and it was pretty fun. Even tho Myrre were so sick and Milla and I were so tired that we didn't want to stay on the city too long.

Temo, me and Milla

On the next day we went to have some photoshoot in Japanese garden in Helsinki Roihuvuori. I didn't have so good day since the photoshoot wasn't for me it was for Myrre and Milla. They seemed to have fun and they took some pretty pictures. The reason why we went to there was to take pictures of Ichi (aka another Milla) jewerlies. I took just pictures of the place. It was pretty even tho nothing bloomed and there was some guys making food XD yup

I looked like this on that day. Gotta love pixels. I love Myrres wig and I'm going to buy that same one.

On friday we met with Temo again because we wanted to have some BJD meeting just the two of us, but Milla came along since she didn't know we was going to hang out with dolls XDD I don't mind it was fun and I wanted the two of them get know each other in reallife too. Again I didnt take pictures because I was too busy to eat my salad : D

Misha and Airi finaly were able to see each other. So cute ;__; Yes I might be weird when I say they looked happy and later Temo sended picture of Misha who looked sad : <

On saturday we saw my friend Anna and then we went to see Milas friend Ichi again and on sunday we went to LM.C's gig and it was AWESOME I really really love LM.C. I was in a second row and there are always some idiots in conserts. One kept hitting my shoulder even tho I tryed to kindly tell her not to and one stole Aijis plektra. Well maybe she is happier now :3
We got to know one Estonian girl, she was freaking awesome. I hope to meet her again some day. The picture down below....don't even ask why Milla took that XD

I Look so....mean : D

On monday we saw Katariina, she was freaking awesome too. Had so much fun with her and Milla. Never thought she would laugh so much.

Frog, Katariina and Milla

When we went bakc to Vaasa me and Milla took a flu with us but we still had fun. We went to old Vaasa wich burned down years ago. We took our dolls with us and had fun with pounch of Millas friends. I sure hope to meet them again too. Really relaxing friends she has :3

 The doo inside the burned church. Morts head and Milla

 Mikiya, Noel and Airi my three lovely dolls :3

Henna ♥ she bought us all a ice cream ;__;
 Milla being her true self

 Johanna taking some pictures of Hennas cute doll

Milla's Josephina ♥ aka Boobarella how I like to call her

Facepalm Airi

But yes I am now back at the boring Kemi so I have to make two separate blog entries. I'll find all the stuff I've bought and make some shopping entry and this time I'll freaking DO IT.

Oh yeah...I have a pink hair : D

thx bye~

sunnuntai 6. toukokuuta 2012

Hello lovely followers tommorrow I'm leaving to Vaasa and honestly I have no idea when I'm coming back home. :// Also on Wednesday I'm going to Helsinki to see freinds and LM.C so you can see me there.

Yes I was supposed to do my BJD post today but somehow my time just flew away and stuff. I still need to back my things and atm I'm dying my hair one more time before going, I also went and cut all the dead hair away. I just havent really done anything. Well yesterday I saw my best friend Minna since she is leaving to Japan tommorrow. She will live in Hokkaido for 3 months, I'm going to miss her ;_;

I will make some post about Helsinki trip since we are going to Japanese garden to take some pictures with Milla and Myrre. Milla will be our lovely photographer :3 I tho wont tell you the theme yet, but you will see!

I have my entrance exams on Thuesday and I'm nervous so freaking nervous x__x So wish me luck!! I wish luck for all of those people who have their exams going on or ended!! Oh heck...just good luck to EVERYONE with exams or not : D

I have some awesome folio hat :3 (wearing it so the hair dye will work better!! Does it really work?)

So I'll see you hopefully next week!!

Oh yeah I forgot to add that I have Lookbook account now because Milla wanted me to have one XD. HERE!!