tiistai 11. joulukuuta 2012

Sujimori hair tutorial

I was asked some time ago to do a hair tutorial and I was "hmmmm maybeee" so I went and did it on saturday but it took some time to edit, because Milla got a new pc and we had to move video clips etc from her old pc to the new one.

I'm not going to add much on this entry because well there is no point XD Just watch the tutorial and if you like it maybe subscribe and like it, share it and if you want me to do more tutorials of hair or makeup just send me a message!


perjantai 7. joulukuuta 2012

nothing to say

It's been so lazy days these past weeks and all I have done is study study and study some more. It is really hard to study to become a practical nurse. We have school from 8AM to 4PM every day and we have to do alot of work to remeber all the stuff they teach to us. So I am again so freaking sorry that I haven't writed at all. I have felt bit sick and tired. Also I'm not mentaly well atm because I miss my home and my family. I can't wait to see them again! I am also very nervous because I got a appointment for a surgery. It is nothing serious but it is my first time to go under a knife.

Last weekend I added my jrock posters on my wall and got more energy to be in my room.

Also on wednesday we had x-mas party with my classmates. I freaking love them, I've never actually had this awesome class in my life! We drinked and went to eat at Pinco. My food was actually very good. I'm not really used to eat at that type of restaurant but I might go there again to have dinner with Milla.

So because I have nothing to tell you until I edit my hair tutorial I will just post some pictures of Vaasa. We went to this Rewel Center's roof to take some pictures of the town. My friend lives on that building so she had the key heh.

But hey have really nice time! Be good and wait for x-mas! I hope I will get more energy to actually write. blergh

The town which I live in

lauantai 17. marraskuuta 2012

everlasting laziness

I have to tell you two weeks' worth of stuff and I'm just in the middle of changing my blog name and waiting to get a new headder. I just had a photoshoot for it but I need to wait for my friend to do his magic because I suck at editing :3

But yeah couple weeks ago I went to movies with Milla and we watched a horror movie called Sinister, it was pretty awesome! I was scared most of the time even tho the movie it self arent so scary, but the "in your face" scenes got my hear punding. You should have wanted to see my face in the front row :3 I hated the ending of the movie so bad...but oh well at least I got chils over the creepy guy.
 This is so close to what I looked like in the movies

Movie night's outfit:skirt citymarket shirt gina trigot scarf seppälä bow self made stockings sepälä shoes din sko jewerly ebay

And last weekend we had our late halloween party!
We had so many friends over, alot of food, drinks and ofcourse fun! My outfit was taken from my closet because the dress we were supposed to made f*cked up so bad XD Anyway it was mine and Milla's first party and I have to say that we did good. I'm so shitty to tell you about it more because at the begining of the party I were a sad face but went to have fun later. We didn't get any group photo shince no one stayed in one place long enough and some didin't even want to XD

Photo spam:

 Hallway of stars

 Kati ♥
Jooka (Milla's big brother) and Ilari

 Minna and I

 Me, Wu and Milla

 People derping.
Milla. . .

Jezus (aka Milla), not me and Johanna and our lovely price for the best costume. Anna won it but she doesn't want to be put in my blog.

I'm so very happy that so many people came to have fun with us! And I hoped more better guality pictures but the light sucked so bad and some poeple are bit shy for puting their pictures in the web. It was best time of my life so far :3

Now I'm going to start thinking the new layout...
*sneak peak to what my headder style is going to be*

keskiviikko 24. lokakuuta 2012

Long time no see

Hey guys it has been way too long .. again. I have had a flu and seriously I have not been interested in photoshoping my haul picture or writing English. I'm so lazy I know : (

We have been planing a halloween party with
Milla and somehow that has taken my time, also school is taking so much time. I'm going to let you know my outfit when the actual party is because I want to keep it as a secret. I'm still waiting some things to get for my new headder picture so that I could finally get my blog to look the way I want and change the name. The curent blog name is just not me at all and I have started to hate it even more and maybe that has been one reason too why I havent writed for a couple weeks.

I've been runing to see doctors and finally things are going the way I want. It is not anything serious so no one has to worry!

I just had a autumn break and it was BORING I did nothing. I just were at home and watched movies with Milla. Luckily Minna came here on Saturday and we filmed our little short movie about...some thing you will see it when it is ready. We had so much fun and laughed our asses off. Even tho I look fat in all the parts I'm in, it was fun and I enjoyed it alot. We also watched some horror movies togwether I chose One Missed Call and the other movie was Unborn, I liked both of them.

As you might guess I have bought some clothing these past 3 months in Vaasa so I took pictres almost all of those things and cloths which I bought and edited them together in one picture. I forgot to take a picture of my "Lita's" but oh well you all know how Spike Litas look. I just have to review them.

My fake lita shoes
I know I'm a bad girl for buying fake ones but I have my own little reasons. But to the review. These shoes are comfty and it really came to me by suprise! I expected to get really crappy quality shoes, but these are well made and they look good. The spikes are little different from the real ones so if you really know how they look you know the difference between the real ones and the fake ones.

Only minus with these shoes is that they don't hold your ankle enough but I've tryed real ones too and they have the same problem. I have some troubles walking with these because of my bad and loose ankles but I will practise.

I hate photoshoping

I've started to love stars and stripes print and london flag print ;_; and my new favorite colour is mint green

And some random pictures of my makeup and hairstyle from last Friday. Also I've been doing some DIY hair bows :3


DIY Hair bows

 I hate this shitty quality : I but what do you think?

And this is my cat clled Tuho (Destruction) and the name is so right for him : I . . well he is cute as fuck

So long!

torstai 4. lokakuuta 2012


My mom, sister and her husband came to Vaasa last weeks Friday so we went to Tuuri. Tuuri is a town where us finns like to go to shop in Keskinen. It is a really big shopping center. I bought a leopard leggings, a wool knitting shirt and a t-shirt from Keskinen but I'm freaking lazy to take any pictures of those clothes I bought + I have some other thing I've been buying so I will do a haul entry.  My school takes all of my energy and I am really lazy to do anything else than school stuff, that's why I haven't writed my blog! I feel horrible because of that.

I also promised to show you the photoshoot pictures but I HATE THEM ALL. Anyway I still need to show them to you guys.

BLERGH I ALSO promised to do some tutorials and I havent done those yet either ;__; and I will do them when I have time!!! ♥

To the Keskinen pictures!

 I decided to troll in my boy style : D
(ps: my hair fucked up)

This sallad were so delicious ;__; ♥

My sweet girlfriend ♥

still don't have all the photos : /

PS: thank you for the 270 readers (;;^;;) ♥ I love you

sunnuntai 16. syyskuuta 2012

quick entry

Hey guys and sorry it took so long to write. My grandmother's funeral was lastweek and it took some power out of me.  : /

I've got some suggestions for tutorials and I will be most happy to do them but I don't know when I have time, hopefully next weekend. I just got a job and I'm in school so my time is limited and I will be so busy. No worries though I won't forget my blog.

Yesterday we went to photoshoot with Milla, Henna and this one girl whose name I don't remeber. I can't get those photos right now since we don't have cameras cord :'D sorry. Here is a sneak peak of my makeup and hair.

BTW Milla has a facebok page so go and like it in HERE!! and if you are from Finland and around Vaasa so I bet she would be happy to get some new models :3

Oh yeah one of you asked about my school!! I'm studying in Vaasa Vocational Institute and I'm going to become a practical nurse. I really like my school and this line. I've worked in eldery home and kindergarten before and that is the reason why I chose this school line. I really like taking care of kids and eldery so I'm not so sure wich one I'm going to specialize in. My classmates are awesome too always joking around and having fun + we are all adults so it's way more relaxing to study. My schooling is going to last for 2 years and then I will be ready to work. Only minus things is that you have to abandon long nails and nail polish etc anything that can bring bacteria in your workplace and school : / I also would like to become a really good hairstylist :'D

/EDIT I have been thinking about the new name of my blog, I have one kind of good in my mind so wait for it!

sunnuntai 26. elokuuta 2012

As promised

I now have 260+ readers and it is all because of you guys. I'm not the prettiest, skinniest nor the most unique person in the blogger world but still so many likes to read my blog. I never actually thought that I would gain so many readers in a YEAR!!! Yeah about year ago I started to write my blog more often and wear my girly style too. I've been through up and downs and many disappointments into myself. I've been so close to stop writing my blog and then I hear that some of you really like to read my blog and it keeps me going. I will try to get something together for a giveaway and hopefully I will get something nice into it because you guys deserve it.

I've been bit tired after school and my granny past away last week so that's the reason why I didn't quite have the energy to write. 

My girlfriend made me to go to Särkänniemi with her on last weeks Sunday so that I could get something nice to think for a once. It was my first time and I cried after 2 HORRIBLE rides so much fun eh? I am scared of high places and falling from a one so amusement parks aren't actually my thing. Well it really were fun after those horrible rides, I love log river and rafting adventure (dunno if those are right). I also went to Angry Birds land and sadly it were only for kids : I ffffffffuuuuuuu

Now I will just spam pictures of fishes.
 Fuck this shit.
 These were kissing XD
 This one simply didn't know where he/she was.

Best smile goes to.

Me and Milla got an idea of dip dying a wig so we tried one technique and dip dyed this grey/silver wig. If you want a tutorial I could make one. This tipe of dip dye shouldn't be permanent though I havent washed that blue color off yet so I don't know.

What do you think?