sunnuntai 26. elokuuta 2012

As promised

I now have 260+ readers and it is all because of you guys. I'm not the prettiest, skinniest nor the most unique person in the blogger world but still so many likes to read my blog. I never actually thought that I would gain so many readers in a YEAR!!! Yeah about year ago I started to write my blog more often and wear my girly style too. I've been through up and downs and many disappointments into myself. I've been so close to stop writing my blog and then I hear that some of you really like to read my blog and it keeps me going. I will try to get something together for a giveaway and hopefully I will get something nice into it because you guys deserve it.

I've been bit tired after school and my granny past away last week so that's the reason why I didn't quite have the energy to write. 

My girlfriend made me to go to Särkänniemi with her on last weeks Sunday so that I could get something nice to think for a once. It was my first time and I cried after 2 HORRIBLE rides so much fun eh? I am scared of high places and falling from a one so amusement parks aren't actually my thing. Well it really were fun after those horrible rides, I love log river and rafting adventure (dunno if those are right). I also went to Angry Birds land and sadly it were only for kids : I ffffffffuuuuuuu

Now I will just spam pictures of fishes.
 Fuck this shit.
 These were kissing XD
 This one simply didn't know where he/she was.

Best smile goes to.

Me and Milla got an idea of dip dying a wig so we tried one technique and dip dyed this grey/silver wig. If you want a tutorial I could make one. This tipe of dip dye shouldn't be permanent though I havent washed that blue color off yet so I don't know.

What do you think?

torstai 9. elokuuta 2012

home sweet home

Shitty English continues!
2 weeks ago, I moved to Vaasa and it has been really busy time for me and Milla. I've been really homesick because I moved so far away from my mom, who is the most dearest person in my life. I am also really happy that I'm able to start my own life now. Even though I still am in the middle of a paper war, I'm trying to enjoy the last moments of this summer.
On Tuesday I had bloody migraine so that's the reason I didn't write my entry then and yesterday well I just forgot.

I were wondering that I might change my blog name into something that would suit me better. Miss Personality were something I put together from all the bad things which were going on at that moment and it kind of reminds me about that past all the time. Miss Personality doesn't mean what it says and it ain't about me, it means more like those people who hurted me at that time for me being just me and they must be so freaking perfect and that turned into Miss Personality. I've been thinking this for a couple months now, but I still don't have a new name for my blog. Does Rock Holic sound too childish?

Well anyway last week were fun, I had my friends coming over, Myrsky and Ichi! I tryed to put my stress away and just have fun which in my opinion we had! Myrsky brought us some kitchen tools and for me she brought Prisilla's half wig and some other wig stuff. For Milla she brought fabrics and lace ;;__;; Damn that Myrre! Also she bought us food, because we are poor bastards.

They came on Tuesday evening so we went to grocery shopping, because Myrsky were so tired, she had to drive a car for some 5-6 hours. Though I think everyone were kind of exhausted on that day. Anyway the next 3 days were fun. I got to try my girlfriends grey wig on and we took some photoshooting while we were looking around Vaasa. I don't think grey suits me at all, but it suited on Myrre so she bought that same grey wig as Milla.

Me, Milla, Myrsky and Ichi. Le Derps
Myrre and I

When we were taking these photos one old woman started to slobber to me "who is this old lady here, your hair is so grey" I'm not old thank you. I know it was a joke but that were WTF moment of the day.

We also went to old Vaasa with Myrre and others, but all my pictures are on iPhone since I didn't wear any special clothes nor style that day so I didn't think it was important to take photos with my camera.
But to the main topic of this entry!


I'm really happy that I live with my girlfriend right now, but I'm also happy that we decided to look for a house were we both can have own bedrooms, which means personal space and peace. We are both going to be studying and probably working at the same time so I think it is important to have own space.

Because it is my blog I'll show million pictures of my room :3

Our living room

 Because I worked so hard on nails I were able to get some money to buy new furniture! Also Minna helped with the sofa ;__; I love Minna ♥
 Door to Milla's room but I don't have pictures of her room. I think we will make a video about out home. Is it a good idea? Do you want a video?
I love these porn red lamps *w* 
 Big kitchen!
Corridoor view from the front door.
 Bathroom and toilet
Our fancy shoe rack!

Last week I also got my souvenirs from Japan, my dearest friend Minna were in Japan for 3 months and I think she bought too much stuff for me ;;___;; I feel spoiled! And she has more souvenirs for me eehaha well I'm happy >8)

All these Rilakkuma things ;__; and that one Rilakkuma plushie is from Atsushi

I will now try to write my blog again every week !