sunnuntai 16. syyskuuta 2012

quick entry

Hey guys and sorry it took so long to write. My grandmother's funeral was lastweek and it took some power out of me.  : /

I've got some suggestions for tutorials and I will be most happy to do them but I don't know when I have time, hopefully next weekend. I just got a job and I'm in school so my time is limited and I will be so busy. No worries though I won't forget my blog.

Yesterday we went to photoshoot with Milla, Henna and this one girl whose name I don't remeber. I can't get those photos right now since we don't have cameras cord :'D sorry. Here is a sneak peak of my makeup and hair.

BTW Milla has a facebok page so go and like it in HERE!! and if you are from Finland and around Vaasa so I bet she would be happy to get some new models :3

Oh yeah one of you asked about my school!! I'm studying in Vaasa Vocational Institute and I'm going to become a practical nurse. I really like my school and this line. I've worked in eldery home and kindergarten before and that is the reason why I chose this school line. I really like taking care of kids and eldery so I'm not so sure wich one I'm going to specialize in. My classmates are awesome too always joking around and having fun + we are all adults so it's way more relaxing to study. My schooling is going to last for 2 years and then I will be ready to work. Only minus things is that you have to abandon long nails and nail polish etc anything that can bring bacteria in your workplace and school : / I also would like to become a really good hairstylist :'D

/EDIT I have been thinking about the new name of my blog, I have one kind of good in my mind so wait for it!