lauantai 7. joulukuuta 2013

Inspiration / Want to get

How is it going people? Last night we got a lot of snow *happy dance*! I've been waiting to get some, since it is so damn dark in the winters without it. This year I am going to spend my christmas with my family in Kemi, I have been missing them so much. Last week, I was supposed to write a post about my new outfits but my back got sore, so I have been on pain medication for a week. That medication made me sleep alot.

I've noticed that I have started to like pastel colors again and somehow I like Pastel Goth now, I don't know if you guys like Pastel Goth but I really like some things about that style. I want to have pastel / black lipsticks (thx to Viivi in whose blog I saw Lime Crime lipsticks), and weird Kill Star sweatshirts because those prints are just awesome!!

My inspiration for Pastel Goth comes from a this girl from Sweden, her blog is in here she is so sweet and looks so cute ;__; She has the cutest sense of style.

Because I  can't use any heels I just love platform shoes and I am eager to own a pair some day. I also love studded shoes and boots! I like studs and spikes on headbands and socks too.

Inverted crosses are something that I like nowadays too. I've been looking to get pair of cross printed leggings and earings *3* ! I also love those little devil horn hairpins and eye hairpins! I want want want!

Yukicon 2014
I have an announcement to make, for
Finnish readers only, on 18-19.1.2014 I am going to go to Yukicon and I have a sales table at there on Sunday with my friend Laura, so if you are coming, come to check out our table. Laura is selling some cat hats and I will be selling hand made jewelry. I am making some pastel goth/ lolita /gyaru inspired jewelry and I hope I get my iPhone clear cases  before Yukicon, so that I have enough time to decorate them (for iPhone 4,4s,5 and 5s). See ya there if you are coming, and if you see me, come say hello.

I really am sorry for not writing in a long long time, somehow all my time flies out of the window and I have been seeing my new friends from Spain. I do have alot of outfits that I want to show you, but my time is limited. Hopefully I will write a another entry on Sunday. I also got 2 new wigs, but I haven't got much time to wear those. . .fuck.

Hope you all are okay and stay is coming

edit // I tried to correct my spelling mistakes