perjantai 1. kesäkuuta 2012

Rainy days

Hello my blog we meet again. Somehow my brain does not work the right way right now and I'm out of words @__@ I'm getting bit ill again and if my head doesn't hurt my stomach does wii. Anyway on that upper picture has pretty much all the things I've bought lately. Well some jewerlies are missing and maybe some shirt I don't know or remeber, but as you can see and one BLUE shirt there is something wrong with me ZOMG. I love that vest...first I was "no it is too expensive" but then I was "I DON'T CAARE I MUST HAVE IT NOW!!" a monser was awoken. I was thinking of puting some spikes in it to make it more "original".

I somehow don't like to wear colors so much I'm scared of colorfull clothes, because years before I was...a..decora..... *shamed* I used too much sock and too much colorfull clothes so now I just HIISSS at all bright colored clothes XD

Also I got some fake lashes from my friend Myrre who went to Japan, she just wanted to get rid of her old ones and get new ones so I got some and I love them all!

This I bought from my friend Ichi aka Milla, she makes these and it costed 6€ don't know if it was friend prize. She makes some really pretty and cute jewerly too and you can go buy her stuff from nextweeks Desucon and also from the internet and I think they are not expensive so go and take a peak!!

Links to her shops:


I got a new wig and I love it!! It is brown and it werent so curly but I curled it, it looks pretty and natural. I don't know how much it has costed because my friend Myrre gave it to me for free (thank you ;_; ) since she didn't like the color. I might dip dye it red or violet.

Derp my hands were shaking like they do all the time.

 I still need to work on it. I want it to look much more more bigger!!

My outfit of a rainy Tuesday.
Blouse Gina Tricot Harem pants Flea market Scarf Cybershop Shoes Deparment Store Belt unknown.

I've been visiting the city lately I had some importand stuff to do and today I saw Kristian for a long time. We ate ice cream and just hang out talking, it was nice and I felt more alive than before (damn you flu!!). It got pretty cold outside even tho first it was sunny and warm. NowI feel ill started to rain when I walked back home... *sneeze*

Have fun people and don't get a flu!

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  1. It was a friend-prize x3 <3 and I'm always open to new friends ^_^ My Etsy is on "holiday" because of Desucon, but after that, gonna open it again. And daaaamn girl! You are rocking that outfit on that last picture!! For fucks sake, I wish I'd look that good!! Seriously loving that look on you! Didn't I say that you have an excellent eye for style x) But I think you knew that already...
    Instead of etsy, people could visit my blog: :3

    1. I just put something together because I don't have so much clothes for my girly style XD thank you so much anyway girl ♥ ! I'll add your blog on the links too :3 And hey you look good too so hush!!! XD

  2. noi sun nenävarjostukset näkyy aika rumasti. opettele eka meikkaan jookos.

  3. Toi peruukki on ihanan luonnollisen värinen.

    1. Seon, yleensä vältän ruskeita peruukkeja koska ne onnistunu oleen aina niin feikin näköisiä, muttä tämä ei : )

  4. Hey sweetie! Hope you`ll visit my blog and maybe...we can follow each other?:X

  5. Hello dear,
    maybe you would like to follow each other's blogs with GFC or via bloglovin? or even both?

    have a nice day!

  6. toi peruukki o aika muovisen näkönen sori vaan. :)

    1. Mun mielestä se ei näytä läheskään niin muoviselle mitä vois : ( Anyway talkkaan ton kuitenki jossai välis ni lähtee ylinmääräinen kiilto pois ;)

  7. that's a cute wig. and I wanna let you know that I'm having a Summer Fun Giveaway : ) Hopefully you enter!

  8. i love the necklace!
    now following your lovely blog :)

    follow back?

    1. thank you I love it too...not so many people has that necklase lol : D

      xx sure

  9. Beautiful look!!! take a look on my blog and if you like we can follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥