keskiviikko 13. maaliskuuta 2013

Things that gets on my nerves

I know it's been a while. I had to take some time to myself and get myself together. I'm really sorry for making you guys wait again without telling you the reason why. Also I had to think if I would/could continue writing my blog. I'm still not ok but I'm getting bit better. Also me and Milla got engaged on 1.3. ;_; *happy*

Anyway I wanted to write about things that gets on my nerves. Here is some for you.

1. People who munchies food.

I just hate when people can't eat while their mouth shut!! I can't even tell you how much this sound gets on my nerves. Everytime I hear someone munching their food I want to yell at them. I've always hated this sound because my mother thought me to eat while mouth closed. I can't understand how is it so hard not to munch! I feel so annoyed when I sat next to someone that wants everyone to hear that she/he is eating. Like I didn't see you putting your food in your mouth! I don't want to hear or see it moving in there so close your filthy mouth while you eat!

2. People who stares other people.

And by this I don't mean the way you tend to look other people while they pass by because you can't always look only down at your feet but I mean the way how I can actually see you staring but you just wont look away even if I start to stare at you back to get you turn your head away but no sometimes that doesn't work at all. You keep your weird ass look on me even if you can see that I noticed you staring.
Take o fucking picture because it lasts longer. Turn away! YOU CREEP!

3. Groups
By this I mean these people who are hanging in the middle of the street or shop and not letting other people pass! These people doesn't think that there might be some of us who would like to walk the streets or inside the shops without having to wait for you to move! This has happened to me several times in my life. Usually it helps to ask them politely to move but then there are these ones who will start to fuck with you. Thank you I was just trying be polite and ask you to let me pass. Well fuck you too then Mr or Mrs who seems to own the streets and shops. Fuck you.

4. Grammar Nazies

I know I suck at grammar so how about you just shut the fuck about it. I bet everyone hates these persons from time to time. Isn't it just annoying when you make little mistake or you just are not good at english like me and someone comes and makes you feel like an idiot. It is okay to tell that I made a mistake and laugh at it together but when you sound like a serious jerk then you can fuck off. My english is not 10 it is not even 8. I can still write ENGRISH if I fucking want to.

5. Me being sick and tired
I'm so fucking annoyed for me being so deadly tired and sick so often that I just want to roll off from a clif. Me being so tired makes my blog so dead too. : ( I need to get energy but vitamins and sleep doesn't help me wää. One thing tho is more annoying than being sick...people complaining that I am lying. Thank you.

And there are many many other things that gets on my nerves from time to time but if I start to list them all...this entry would be way too long.

What is the biggest thing that gets on your nerves?

I need some serious inspiration right now....

Here is some pictures of my latest events. Enjoy.

Going for a photoshoot. Going to upload more pictures when I get them.

Myrsky and me

Weasley and me

I will try to get better and rest so that I would write my blog again and again. ♥

6 kommenttia:

  1. Take care of yourself! The things you mentioned also gets on my nerves, haha. Funny~ XD
    Lovely pictures of yours!!

    1. Thank you and I will! Hahaha I know right, so annoying! Thank you again ! ♥ :3

  2. Ooooo mää niin tiiän tunteen tuosta mässyttämisestä! ÄRSYTTÄVÄÄÄÄ! Aina opetettu että syyä suu kiini :D

    1. Ja sit varinkin jos tietää että kyseinen tapa ärtsyttää niin kuulet sitä yhtäkkiä kaikkialla WTF XD

  3. Toi ekan kuvan peruukki on ihana! Muutenkin tosi nättinä oot ollu ja tää alin kuva on ylisöpö n__n

    Toivottavasti et lopeta bloggaamista, mulle jäis oikeasti ikävä sun blogia.

    1. Se on mun yks uusin peruukki *3* Tänään tuli toinen uus!! hihi.

      Yritän ainakin nyt kerää voimia blogaamiselle!