maanantai 26. huhtikuuta 2010

Picture of Maya-tan

Okay sorry guys, but i'm going to write some things in english now. Well I got today a letter from my Brazillian letterpal. It maked me so happy and that Maya-tan she drawed, OMG I just love it!!! It just is so awesome and she can draw so well...not well BRILLIANT !! Tought that letter wont save me from studying. I have to read my religion test and I could not care less about it. T^T Well about my last wasn't so nice 'cose I had fever so i stayed home (like I would go somewhere if I would have been healthy -.-") so I stayed home and talked with my friends and slept. XD

(and plz why does blogger put that pic on the left side, tought I have pressed it into the middle?? x__x)

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