maanantai 18. heinäkuuta 2011


Okay so I decided to write some thing about me 'cause I've got more readers so some of them doesn't know a thing about me! + I decided to write this all in English. Sorry 'cause of that I'm lazy and sorry about my bad English.

Soo...I am 20 y.o girl from Finland. I live in kind off small town called Kemi in Lapland. So I live far away from all the good and fun : D I'm still sudent in high school 'cause I'm trying to get more points to add in university or vocational school. I would like to be stylist, hairdresser or psychologist.

  I'm interested in gyaru-o and gyaru styles and I'm trying my best and more to look good in both styles I still have long way to go, but I'll keep on doing my best! Some people have asked if I'm going to quit my tomboy style and the answer is NO I'm not!

I'm really social and it takes alot to make me angry, but if you make me angry the hell breaks out. I can be really mean by my mouth, but normally I'm really kind and nice. I think I'm kind of silly person, I love to cheer up my friends by doing something stupid. I like different kind off people.

I love horror movies but same time I hate them, I also like comedy- and animation movies. I watch anime and read manga. Mostly I listen japanese bands and artists I also like k-pop. I'm not going to do a list of all of my favorite music 'cause I listen too many bands!! Just ask if you want to know more! I like to draw and also I love to sing! + I loooove to make food!!

I think that is enough of me for all of you. Now some thing I've bought and done!

Okay so last week was kind of horrible even tho I got my other wig and it was lovely also it was bit shaggy, but the horrible thing was that some of my neighbors kids stole my package from my mailbox. I went to ask all of those kids. first no one knew anything, but then these two boys told be about two girls who did id. In the packgae were my makeup brushes from eBay. Well I cearch all my neighborhood then I was about to quit, but my downstairs neighbor came to me with the package and asked if i were looking for it. I'm so happy that her 6 or 7 y.o son took it from the girls and gave to his mom.


So this is the package wich has long way to home! It has 24 different kind of brushes. Guality is really good even tho these were cheap! I waited these for so long and finaly I am able to make good makeups.


My own eye color. I was too lazy to blak my eyes.

This is the second wig wich I odered from eBay, it is really lovely as I allready said this wig were kind of shaggy, but still it is really pretty and I love it.


Soo I have 40 pairs of eyelashes. I bought these from eBay too and I like these alot! You can see some of those lashes on my eyes.


I bought this from Primsa, is like normal shop where they sell food etc. I've been looking for this dress for month and now it were on sale! 12€ so not bad 'cause the real price were 30€. I bought also blue one, but it is for my friend who comes here on wednesday! My cat desiced to sleep over there.


I got letter from my japanese friend Ayaka and she send me some sweets. Bake choco were my favorite it tasted so good!! Better choco than in here! Hmm those nori sweets were weird (wasabi, vinegar and I don't know what that red one was) but they tasted ok. I liked also that bigKatsu and that jelly candy.

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  1. Hey Heys :) Your English is pretty good I must say :D
    Wow, kids can be so childish - at least you got your package! That little boy is very clever to have taken that package and given it to his mom!

    Wooooow! You got so much of stuff from eBayy *-* buying off eBay is addictiive!!!

    I loooove Japanese candy! My fave is actually a biscuit and inside it is filled with chocolate :D yum yum

    By the way, you are so so pretty! And you seem to love fashion and beauty - you'd be a good make-up artist or stylist :D

  2. Michelle: Awwe thank you for all the compliments!! I'm going to buy some toy to that boy because without him I would never have got my package.

    Yeah...eBay is terrible place 'cause I hapen to find too much good stuff from there *<*

    OOw never tasted that one! I love pockys and that bake thing I also like those nori things even tho they were odd : D

    Yeah I love japanese fashion!! they have really cute and unusual!! I would like to be stylist ^^

  3. Aaa noi siveltimet..! *--* Kyllä mullekin kelpais !

  4. ozone: ÄLÄ VAAN tiäks ku ne on tosi hyvä laatuset!! ;__; eikä ne maksanu ees omaisuutta, joku 10€ VAAN!!

  5. awesome wig :D so pretty you

    thanks for your last comment it was really sweet :3 :3

  6. Gosh girl, you're pretty!!! I love your makeup :P Anywho,  I was hoping we could follow and friend each other!

  7. florence: awwee thank you!! I love that wig even tho it's really shaggy

    emi.desu: ofcourse we can!! and than you for all those compliments ;__; ♥

  8. En ees tajunnu et toi on peruukki O.o Näyttää tosi hyvältä!:3 oii ja sulla on kadehdittava kokoelma ripsiä!!^^

  9. ジュリエット: Joo se peruukki on tosi hyvälaatunen, ainoo harmi vaan et ne latvat on jotenki takkuiset, kuitenki tosi kiva ettei se ny näytä peruukille XD

    eBay on taivas, sieltä tilasin noi ja makso kai 5€ XD

  10. just found your blog, glad I did now I'm following you hope you can follow back :)

    It's nice to know a little more about the person behind the blog :)


    My blog: My Guilty Little Pleasures

  11. you are just so CUTE babe!!!

  12. thx for following me, i really appreciate that :)
    you've got a sweet blog ♥