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Hello again, it's been a while since I've writed any entries (it's been like a month) At first I would like to thank Sara Mari for her awesome 1910+ giveaway, which I won! *party dance* Thank you so much!! Honestly I've never won anything so thank you!

Here is a link to Sara Mari's blog

Moments like Diamonds

What I won:
1 pair of GEO brand circle lenses (my own choice), foam hair curlers, mouse ear lens case and hair velcro provided by Shoppingholics.com
1 pink cosmetics pouch, 1 pair of Chocola Rich Parfait eyelashes, 1 sparkly hairclip, 1 eyelash case, 1 Shibuya109 booklet featuring Honda Mana, Diamond Beauty booklet with Sayaka, Remi and Mizukitty, 1 cute tissues!

These are the lenses wich I chose to take

Secondly I noticed that my blog is almost 2 years old! So I've decided that I might hold a giveaway at the end of this year!

WARNING this entry is going to be LONG


Summer is over now and school has started (I have only one course) but I still had awesome summer vacation. My friend Milla aka Ane-ue was here for two weeks before my school started. We had so much fun and luckily the weather was hot and nice so we were able to be outside!

Milla's blog about cosplay!

On 25.7
we went to a carnival with her. It was so much fun and I'm still sad that I wasn't able to win this BIG SpongeBob SquarePants it was so damn hard to get. I even tryed to search one from eBay but they don't ship to Finland! BUT the carnival was awesome. I haven't been in any amusement parks nor carnivals for 2 years so I was happy, even tho I got sick.

Pic about the carnival. This photo is taken from inside the ferrish wheel and I happen to hate high places. It was nice thought!

We also took my brothers kid, Tiia, to the carnival. She was so happy + she loves to pose with me! Ingnore my retard face. One thing I hated on this trip was that other women looked me like I would be Tiias teen mom. They looked me along their noses like I would be a bad person. So thank you for that I'm 20 tho and her aunt.

Milla and I. My head looks....funny and Milla's fingers are derping, but this was the best photo of us

We had some photoshoot with Milla. This is best picture of me. I really like it even tho I have fat arm in this one, but still I think it looks pretty.

3 weeks ago I went and took tongue piercing. I've wanted to have it for a long time, but now I got the courage to go take it. It hurted kinda, but still I think biting your tongue hurts more! My tongue were sore about 4 days, but I still were able to eat almost normaly.

After I dyed my hair all red I decided to dye it again and put some black under the red. Now my red color looks more deep. Tho I don't want to keep this color too long, it's going to eat all my money.

It looks like this now! Yeah it's me on the picture, I look different from my girly style. I took this photo almost a week ago while I was in Helsinki.

I bought these long time ago from KappHal. about 10€ each.

I love this top. It has little flower print on it and polka dots

Neclace is from H&M, it costed 5€ so not much at all.
Brooch is from KappHal and I don't remember how much it costed, but not much


Bought these Rilakkuma slippers from eBay they costed around 6€ yes I LOVE Rilakkuma These keeps my toes warm.

Also from eBay, this phonestrap costed 2.50€. I found one of these from Helsinki. The shop is called Kawai (I guess). It costed there about 8€

Rilakkuma cosmetics pouch. I found this from our local second hand store! It costed 4€. I needed bigger punch anyway so this came in handy!

These shoes I bought yesterday from Prisma. They costed 13€ and I love the leopard patter on them. Yes they are wellies, but so damn cute ones!

These shirts were about 10€ each from KappHal. That cream colored shirt is vintage brand and I've wanted one so long, but they are expensive (40€) Now it was on sale so I bought one. It has flower lace on it. Very pretty.


Cute lip gloss also from KappHall. Prise 3€ so not bad!
 Strawberry Limeade flavor it smells delicious like a candy.
It makes my lips look so yummy!


So on 19th this month I went to Helsinki. I went to meet my dear friends who live there and I went to Dir en greys gig. They performed at Nosturi 23.8. I myself live in Lapland so I had 8-9 hours train trip to Helsinki.

This art was found near Torkkelis art highschool. Someone had made this from fabric I guess. If you remeber Bubble Bobble I'll love you forever ♥ I loved that game when I was a kid.  This art is made from that game.

First I stayed at Temo's home. She is my lovely dear friend. Sorry I don't have picture of us because all the pics we took are derping ones so no pic of her haha. We made pizza and had so much fun. I even made her look like a girl because she has this boyish style too. She looked so damn cute!

But the one in the picture is my other friend Myrre (Myrsky - storm) I stayed at her place for couple days. She is my inspiration to gyaru style + she is amazing friend and a cook.
She is really lovely friend of mine and I've known her since 2 years now. She makes the best food ever!! I know she's going to love me because I post picture of her holding a MacDonalds drink in my blog ♥

I met my other friends too and this is how I looked like. Don't mind my constipation face. I'm wearing Myrre's really expensive west from Ichi Maru Kyu. I fell in love to it ♥

MY FIRST STARBUCKS COFFEE EVER - - and it tasted good.

I said Myrre is an amazing cook. This chicken tasted so damn delicious ♥

I bough this shirt from Din en greys gig. It is so cool, only thing I don't like is, that dir en grey is writed on the back and not in the front. The gig was amazing and I think Kyo is the only guy who looks good in orange adidas tracksuit! They played theyr old songs and I was hoping they would have played Ain't afraid to die but no. In my oppinion they plaeyd too much their microphone in the throath songs. XD But yeah I liked the gig ♥

I bought these motorbike shoes from DinSko and they costed 20€

My friend Myrre was in Japan about an month ago? so she brought me a EGG magazine ♥

Before I went back home from Helsinki I had 55€ I didn't find any cool clothes so I went and bought some reding to my train trip back home. Those 3 mangas costed 45€ but I DON'T CARE they were good!

 Thats about it all what I've done lately. Now I'm back to school trying to get trough my math finals (again) I have this bad teacher who is like "you should how to do math allready" and he isn't going to teach us any theory ♥ Wish me luck I'm really stressed!

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  14. Hi! Lipsmacker seems to cool! And you two have cool hair style ay! ;)

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