sunnuntai 4. syyskuuta 2011

Boredom entry

Hellou I've been shopping alot lately. I spend all my salary already to clothes and school book. I bought leather jacket and my mom bought be this pretty beige jacket + I bought really pretty belt wich has crown on it.

Yesterdays outfit

something is wrong with my camera

Bow: self-made
Necklace: eBay
Belt: department store 4€
Vintage shirt from last entry

Knitting shirt
: Only 5€
Black skirt from wardriobe
over knee socks

More pictures of yesterday

Jacket from Veromoda

Actual price of this jacke was 60€ but it was  -70% discount so I got it t 18€.
I really fell in love with the collar.

This is how it looks on me. I really like it 'cause it's so girly and pretty. It makes my waist look small.

Leather jacket from Veromoda

I've been dreaming of this jacket for some time now and I finaly cot it. It costed 70€ but it is worth it.

It looks like this on me thought the picture is bad quality

Nothing really has happened for this past week, but I wish that you anonym ppl would understand that I have huge stress now, so you don't need to tell me time after time that I'm fat. NO S*IT I didn't know that already : D I know that you are going to come and whine to me about this now, but anyway I'll tell you some thing. Thanx to you I have some eating problems and I cry everyday if I eat something so I'm happy if you are clad now. So just so you know, I have feelings too and I don't need to hear over and over again how fat I am. Only thing I can think day after day is how I would look if I would be thinner and skinny. Thought deep inside me I know I don't look that bad, but you make me feel like I'm the ugliest person in the world. So next time you call me ugly and fat, or someone else please use your head. Yeah yeah I know all these "blog anonyms if you don't like what they are saying" but there are nice anonyms too who don't have blogger so.

PS: and please learn how to write differenty 'cause I recognized one of you :3 It's not that har you know.

16 kommenttia:

  1. lovely photos, you're very pretty! ♥

  2. Oii vähä kivoja vaatteita! Kelpais mullekki :D

  3. Mickey: ooh thank you ^^ ♥

    Laura: XDD joo no osittain kiitos äidin ku se on lelliny mua mut kalleimman ostin ite!

  4. Tommoset anonyymit on jotain niin paskoja tyyppejä kuin olla voi... Oot kuule ihana just tommosena kuin oot ! ♥

  5. love ur hair! u look like a doll, so cute!

  6. Ozone: kiitti!! Ei sisnänsä mikää formspring haittaa, ku ne on jättäny siel rauhaa, mut nykyää ne tulee tänne blogiin aukoo ni :--D mut kiitos !! ♥

    Miss Independent: aawwe thank you, even tho it is a wig I LOVE IT XD ♥

  7. I love your outfits!!! ^^ is very cute!! ^^

  8. M'del Rocio: awwee thank you. It was just something I put together!!! :3 ♥

  9. Minusta sinä olet erimerki kaikille gyaruille ettei tarvitse olla tikkulaiha ollakseen upea gyaru. turhaa minusta laihdutat koska näytät todella hyvältä. Siis ihan oikeasti! syöt normisti ja elät normisti, turha välittä muiden mielipiteistä. Toi nykyinen laihuuden ihainnointi paska menee vaan yli hilsen. Etkä sinä ole läski.

  10. Anonyymi: kiitos paljon. Tuo kohentaa mun itsetuntoa lisää ^^ ♥ Kiitos hyvin paljon. I LOVE FOOD

  11. You look very good!
    I like you outfit!

  12. great post your hair is so cute!

  13. PolaBerry: tank you even tho it's a wig XD ♥

  14. älä välitä vaikka sua sanottaiski läskiksi, henk.koht. mä oon ite todella laiha ja luikku ja haluaisin olla lihavempi.. mieluummi oisin sun kokone ko tämmöne ko olen..

  15. I think you look great, and you aren't even fat. You are normal, maybe curvy. I admire how good you look with that style. I always feel like I don't have the right to wear nice clothes because I'm not thin, and it makes me sad. You really show us how people can wear nice styles and look pretty and girly, even if they're not very thin. And don't take this wrong way: though you aren't thin, you're not fat either. You are perfect.